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The Victory of the Conservative Party in the UK Creates a Fear Amongst Goans Living in the European Union

Two out of three Goan origin candidates belonging to the Conservative party contributed towards the victory of the Conservatives in the UK paving the
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Two out of three Goan origin candidates belonging to the Conservative party contributed towards the victory of the Conservatives in the UK paving the way to get Brexit done resulting in the mixed reaction from Goans living in the UK. The reports revealed that three Goan Origin Candidates came out to be victorious in the recent General Election out of which Ms Valerie Vaz belonged to Labour Party and Ms Claire Coutinho, Ms Suella Braverman belonged to the Conservative party that supports the Brexit. 

The report appeared in the local daily Times of India Goa edition stating that the victory of the Conservative party which supports the Brexit has evoked a mixed reaction from Goans living in the UK. Some fear it’s going to be far from a smooth Brexit and are worried about the repercussion on their welfare, while others are eagerly looking forward to UK’s exit from the EU, which they believe will bring curbs on migration and reduce the burden on national health services and schools. 

The migration of Goans to the UK with the help of Portuguese Passport is not a new story anymore, several thousands of Goan entered the UK via Portugal in search of employment and many of them have taken various positions in high places in the UK politics. 

The Portuguese Nationality allows the people of Goan origin to Travel to any of the countries of the European Union for work and the victory of Conservative brings the bad news to Goans living in the UK. 

“Conservatives winning is bad news for all Goans and EU nationals. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not hold back anything now that people have officially given him a green signal with a majority win to the Conservatives. It’s going to be a rough Brexit, exactly how he wanted it,” said the social director of the Goan Association UK, Bella Fernandes, Goans are worried and concerned about their future in the EU following the results, she added. 

The majority of the Goan population lives in Swindon and they are disappointed with the results, said Goan Origin Councillor Imtiyaz Shaikh from Eastcott, Swindon. 

“Brexit was promised to the people without the facts of how it would be delivered. People went in blindly accepting what was presented. This was the final nail in the coffin. We will continue to demand that EU citizens with settled status in the UK be given rights to vote in the general elections,” Shaikh said. He blamed the Conservative for pushing for Brexit without thinking about the economic growth of the country. 

Meanwhile, the other side is in favour of the victory and they fill that the Migrated people and refugees are putting the pressure on the economy of the European Union by living on the taxpayer’s money. “A lot of people in the country are living on benefits and don’t want to work. We tax paying citizens are being burdened,” said the long-time resident of the UK who is also of a Goan origin. 

According to him, the Labour party’s Manifesto and promises like nationalizing railways is impractical and impossible to execute. He is worried about the Influx of people from EU countries and refugees which the country cannot turn them down are putting huge pressure on the Hospitals and Schools and the Exit of Britain from the European Union will help in controlling this massive flow. 

Melvyn Fernandes, another long-time resident of the UK, voted to remain in the UK in the 2016 Brexit referendum and voted in favour of Liberal Democrats this election. He expected the Tories to win, but not by such a large margin he says. 

“The Tories managed to win after they convinced a section of the working class to vote in their favour. People have not realized the repercussions of their vote and of UK leaving the EU,” Fernandes says. He predicts job losses and higher taxes with Brexit. 

Finally, both sides are right from their perspectives the Labour Party wants to bring in the changes that the Conservative does not approve but the facts cannot be neglected as that will only decide the destiny of thousands of Goans living in the UK and European Union. It does not stop here, what about the hundreds of aspirants who queued up in front of the Portuguese Consulate every day with the Brit dreams? 

What is your opinion on this issue? You may be living in the UK or part of the EU, what do you feel about the entire scenario? According to you what will be the destiny of thousands of Goan living in the EU and more planning to travel to these countries soon in the search of a bright future? 

The Source: TNN 

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