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Delhi Based Builder Demolishes A Century Old Cross At Reis Magos To Carry Out Construction Activities

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Delhi Based Builder Demolishes A Century Old Cross
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The development has its own cost to pay and this time the cost is very high as the Delhi-based builder had demolished the century-old cross situated at Reis Magos in North Goa to carry out some contraction activities.   

The incident was highlighted by local citizens, after it came to light that the builder, in the pretext of carrying out a construction of a three-story building, demolished the top structure of a cross that was on the property. Locals have also alleged that the construction activity being carried out by a Delhi-based builder is illegal and violates several norms. 

Locals from the village of Reis Magos have stood together to raise serious concern over a century old cross that has now been allegedly vandalized and buried by a building contractor for some construction activity. 

It must be noted that the locals have stated that at the exact location of the cross, the top structure consisting of the cross no longer exists. They have also highlighted that to evade being noticed, the builder has carried out a construction a little away from the building of a similar type structure to persuade and show locals that the actual structure wasn’t touched during the construction. The alleged replica structure is about five to ten meters away from the building. 

The local villagers have also stated that the actual structure was much bigger, and the builder has filled it in by getting the level of the ground structure higher. 

“People have always worshipped here at this cross. Every year we used to come. For three years we were not allowed to come inside this area. Now we have come to know that almost half the structure of the cross has been buried,” said one local.

“The cross is so many years old, our elders would worship it then. We would celebrate mass and feasts here,” said another village elder.

The building is still in its final stage of construction, although, now with the panchayat officials coming down heavily on the illegal activity, it is believed that show-cause notices will be issued and work will be brought to a halt. The incident irked local residents as they were never aware that the cross was being destroyed like this by the builder.  

The alleged construction also violates CRZ rules, and the Town and Country Planning authority has been informed about the same. Action from the TCP is still pending. Locals were also worried over the inaction of the ward member who failed to take up the issue at the earliest. The panchayat, previously, had written to the TCP ministry, however, nothing concrete materialized from the same. 

“I am with the people, and action against this illegal structure will be taken. We will not support anything illegal in the village,” the sarpanch said. 

The locals were supported with the help of members from the Revolutionary Goans group. 

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