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Goa to Go Under Complete Lockdown from Today Midnight

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Goa Under Complete Lockdown
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Finally, the day has come when the Goa Government had decided to go for the complete lockdown of the state from today midnight till 31st March 2020. The Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant had made an announcement today in a press conference stating that this is the high time that Goa needs to undergo the 100 percent lockdown and hundred percent curfew to keep people Goan safe from coronavirus.

Goa’s Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that although there is not a single case of coronavirus in Goa we cannot take chances as the virus is deadly and non-curable. “The only solution is to stay at home at the moment.”

According to the office of the Chief Minister, after taking the review of the situation, an all-party meeting was called to make the decision in regards to the lockdown. “All the parties in Goa have agreed for the 100 percent lockdown and 100 percent curfew which will begin from the midnight today and it will last till 31st March 2020,” said Mr. Sawant adding that there will no shops and establishments will remain open during the lockdown period.

Pramod Sawant

There are many people in Goa who have been stamped with the home quarantine stamp on their hands and they have instructed to not to come out of their house and if they try to come out of the home, we will use the police to take them to the quarantine centers made for them in Goa.

He also appealed to the people of Goa to inform of any person they know who has any recent travel history during the last week or ten days. “Anybody who had traveled to any part of India or abroad during the last week need to share their travel history compulsorily with the health department,” said CM adding that his office had issued the WhatsApp number where anyone who knows about any such persons can send their details and the names of the informer will be kept undisclosed.

The CM has also appealed to the people of Goa donate generously towards the cause of coronavirus pandemic and he announced the names of the businessman who donated for the case. “Suvarna Bandekar business house had donated 15 Lakh rupees towards the cause, Srinivas Dempo has also donated undisclosed amount and Vedanta promised to donate the huge amount towards the relief fund,” said Sawant adding that all the 40 MLAs have donated their one month salary towards the coronavirus fund. 

Meanwhile, it may be recalled that today the markets in Goa were kept open for the people of a couple of hours to do the shopping of essential goods and it was taken for granted by the people. The huge crowd was gathered across all the markets in Goa to do the shopping.

Sometimes people don’t understand that this kind of behavior can lead to serious conditions and the only solution is the enforce the law and order to keep people of Goa safe from the coronavirus. “There is no community spreading at the moment, but we cannot wait for that to happen,” he said adding that “I appeal to the people of Goa to stay inside and do not come out till the 31st of March.”

Let us make a pledge that we will work towards the benefits of our near and dear ones cause the coronavirus does not have any vaccine till now and infection can lead to fatality if not taken seriously.     

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