Goa attracts more than seven million tourists per year from across the world, but this year the footfalls of the tourists went down due to several reasons, and one of the major reason behind it is the harassment of the women tourists on the beaches of Goa. But how the whole story of harassment began and who is responsible for this? Why do tourists think that Booze and Girls are available in Goa?

Calangute MLA Mr Micheal Lobo said that the mentality of every tourist coming to Goa has become such that they think that every girl on the Goa beach is available. Some Indian tourists who visit the Goa beaches think every girl on the beach is “available” and the influx of such tourists has led to a decline in the coastal state’s tourism fortunes, Deputy Speaker and BJP MLA Michael Lobo said on Tuesday.

Mr Lobo blamed the chief minister and the minister of tourism for the existing situation. He told the media that, he had warned the CM about the consequences of the drinking on the beaches of Goa but despite warning cm on the seer occasions he did not take any steps to stop the liquor consumption on the beaches of Goa.

According to the report published in the Navabharat Times, Mr Lobo said that stopping the liquor consumption on the beaches is necessary and the CM needs to look at this seriously.

Mr Lobo also blamed the Tourism Department of Goa for the existing situation. He said that most of the domestic tourists come into the state with the mindset that liquor and girls are available here openly.

He averred that the Calangute constituency has a maximum number of beaches, and most of the domestic tourist flow comes into the Northside. Unlike the south Goa beaches, Calangute is packed with the domestic tourists, he said.

“They believe that every girl on the beach is available, they drink on the beaches and do whatever they want to do without any fear of law and order,” he said.

According to Mr Lobo, drinking on the beach is a criminal offence and there is a need of amendment in the law to make it as a non-cognisable offence thus making it punishable. He blamed the CM Mr Manohar Parrikar for the situation saying that he reminded the CM on several occasions but he did not bother to listen to it.

Mr Lobo wrote a letter to the DGP Muktesh Chander asking him to handle such situation and blamed the CM and Tourism Minister for existing situation saying that despite his several requests the chief minister did not do anything to stop the liquor consumption on the Goan beaches.

It may also be taken into the account that there are many other reasons to why the domestic tourists behave in such manner and one of the reason is the publicity of Goa on the national and international platform showing Goa as a party destination with free booze, amazing music and girls.

According to one review on the Trip Advisor, it says the following, “THIS IS THE CLUB to pick up hot girls, some come in pairs of 2 or group of 4 and some even come alone. Everyone is there to have FUN (if u know what I mean). Enough Russian girls, Britishers and met some Canadian girls from Manitoba as well. At one point it felt as if I’m in Europe and not goa ;)”

If such kind of promotions goes online the how these people will not expect to get the girls in Goa? There is a need for stopping such activities and promotions which says FREE BOOZE and FUN.

Another thing that affects the mindset of the tourists is the Escorts websites that promote Goa as a Sex Tourism Destination The existing situation is such that these escort service websites are selling sex services by offering college girls and housewives, says the report.

There is a need of re-branding of Goa on the national and international platform so that people coming to Goa will have a clear mindset about this place. Goa is only meant for the vacation. They can come to Goa and have fun, but don’t ever think that every girl seen on the beaches of Goa is available.   


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