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Post-covid Care Becomes Need of The Hour; Several Patients Develop Complications

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Post Covid Care
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As the state has been witnessing a continuous surge in coronavirus cases, the recoveries too, have been on the upper-side, with several hundred persons being termed cured as per daily statistics but the story does not end here, according to the reports, the recovered patients have started developing the post-recovery complications. Here is the complete report.      

The health minister had recently announced the setting up of some post-covid care centers, as it has surfaced, that after recovery, several patients continue to experience certain complications and may need some medical attention. 

Although post-covid complications vary from person to person, the most commonly noticed difficulties among cured patients are ‘exertional breathlessness’ to ‘covid fibrosis’. According to a report, even a ‘heart attack’ can’t be completely ruled out during the post-covid period. 

The state’s tertiary hospital – Goa Medical College – has been receiving the majority of the cases when it comes to post-covid medical problems. 

According to the report, the complete recovery of a patient may at least take up to two to three months and can vary. After recovery from covid, some patients develop residual breathlessness and often need medical attention. CT scans can provide a better understanding of the residual changes in a person’s lungs. This often clears within two-three months.   

Some patients find it very difficult to even walk a short distance due to low levels of oxygen in their blood.  After being discharged from a covid hospital, many who develop complications are given the additional treatment of steroids, but over a longer period – such as two months. According to Dr. Durga Lawande, head of the department of pulmonary medicine from Goa Medical College, all patients who have followed this line of treatment have recovered well. 

As much of covid related studies are still in the development stage, for persons suffering from pneumonia, it is still unclear whether they will heal in due course completely, or with the residual fibrosis in their lungs. These too are given steroids; however, it is awaited to see what happens after a span of three months. 

As coronavirus infection usually affects the lungs and respiratory system, some patients at times require to be provided with oxygen for a while, usually for a month at home. 

Covid lung fibrosis although, if developed, is expected to be cleared, as several cases across the world have shown. 

According to Dr. Lawande, nearly 20% of the patients cured of Covid-19 may have gone into fibrosis. However, there isn’t a particular age group that is at a higher risk, as post-covid-care studies are very less, or still in the development stages. 

For patients who have been asymptomatic, breathlessness can also be experienced at later stages. 

Dr. Lawande further said that in some cases, the hyper-inflammatory state gets extended, increasing the risk of heart attacks. 

The Union Ministry has laid down guidelines for post-covid care to be followed, which includes a robust list, such as continue taking immunity tablets, vitamins, moderate exercises, including yoga, and a well-balanced nutritious diet. 

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