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Making Goa the “First 100 Percent Digital State” is The Goal of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant's ambitious goal for Goa is to make it India's first fully digital state, with plans to achieve this by 2050.
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Making Goa the 100 Percent Digital State
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Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s goal for Goa on Wednesday was to become the first state to be entirely digital. “We will submit a fresh project to PM Modi to make Goa a fully digital state… Goa would become the first state to implement digitalization, and we need the centre’s help to make this happen. Additionally, we have requested a special fund for this,” Sawant remarked.

Interestingly, by 2050, the Goa administration wants to see 100% of the state’s energy coming from renewable sources. The Goa chief minister had earlier stated, “The government is committed to generating 150 MW of green energy in the next two years and will be setting up 100 MW solar power plants throughout Goa,” at the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Conference on Clean Renewable Energy 2023, which was held in March for its second edition.

“We and the three independent MLAs in our support will win 100% seats this time,” he declared, expressing confidence in his ability to win the Lok Sabha election. Before this, Swayampurna e-bazaar, an online platform for self-help organizations, was introduced by Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

According to Chief Minister Sawant, the purpose of this online platform’s introduction was to provide a market for various products produced by women and self-help groups. The Swayampurna e-bazaar has been launched in honor of Dussehra. We started this online store to provide a platform for various products created by women and self-help organizations. People all around India would be able to purchase these goods, according to Pramod Sawant.

An expansion of the popular Swayampurna Chavath Bazar is the Swayampurna e-bazaar. According to organizers, the Chaturthi e-Market, an additional platform, also garnered positive feedback. For easy ordering, the Swiggy app is connected to the Chavath e Bazaar internet platform. 

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