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Is Goa’s Covid-19 Situation Improving? Read To Find Out

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Goa’s Covid-19 Situation Improving
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Goa’s daily new covid-19 cases have been on the decline this month. Over the last ten days of this month, the state reported an average of between 200-250 new cases. 

As compared to the previous month of September, where Goa was reporting on an average of about 400-500 daily cases, the month of October has shown a great decline. This has been attributed to a contained spread of the virus, and many believe the situation has drastically improved in the state. 

The same can also be seen in the number of beds lying vacant at covid hospitals in the state. The ESI COVID and South Goa District hospital are seeing almost 50% of its capacities empty, however, according to sources, Goa Medical College continues to be full. 

Today, Goa reported 210 new positive cases, and two deaths were recorded – both at GMC, Bambolim. Of the two, one patient passed away in the surgery ward of the hospital. The patient was admitted with a primary diagnosis of carcinoma breast with brain metastasis, and covid-19 was reported to be an incidental finding in the patient. The second deceased patient had developed pneumonia.

This month, Goa reported a total of 10,208 total coronavirus cases, as compared to 16,000 cases that were reported in the month of September. In terms of fatalities, September proved to be very fatal, as 236 deaths were reported, however, with a decrease in daily cases, the death figure to has reduced this month. 176 persons succumbed to the infection this month. 

The month of October has proved to provide a much-needed breather for the medical frontline workers, as with daily cases decreasing, the majority of the patients are now opting for home isolation. As such, medical establishments, other than the GMC, are seeing caseload decrease, and as such, some burden on the staff is being eased off. Covid care centers are also seeing a trickle, as 85% of the beds are empty, however, the government has been certain that the centers won’t be shut down, and patients can avail of the facilities. 

The active case tally has also almost halved, as from last month’s 4865, now, Goa has 2344 active cases, the majority under home isolation. The Urban health center at Margao, still, continues to have the highest active cases in the state, with 211 cases, while the Panaji health center has 142 cases. 

As the daily cases have declined, experts believe that the situation might have improved, however, the virus is pretty much active, and if safety protocols are not followed, then cases can increase. 

Meanwhile, health secretary Amit Satija has tested positive for coronavirus and has been admitted at GMC. His condition is said to be stable. Also, post-covid care clinics are being opened up, one at Hospicio last week, and yesterday, another was opened at Valpoi CHC. These are catering to patients who recover from covid-19, but still, continue to have certain symptoms and other health conditions. 

As of now, Goa has been opening up and lifting all restrictions. Tourism activities have also opened up, and casino businesses are expected to start from this coming week. School, however, has not yet re-opened, and stakeholders will decide on the same in the following week.

With the tourism season of Diwali coming up, doctors have warned people not to let their guards down, and take risks, as a slight surge can put major stress on hospital infrastructure. In fact, this bleak situation was seen during the month of September where patients had to spend nights on trawlers and wheelchairs as no beds were available at covid hospitals.  

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