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Audiophile: Back to the Analog Sound of Music

The famous quote ‘Old is Gold’ is entirely proved to be true by Audiophile. Audiophile is an awe-struck establishment that recognizes the value of
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The famous quote ‘Old is Gold’ is entirely proved to be true by Audiophile. Audiophile is an awe-struck establishment that recognizes the value of the old vinyl records, analogue speakers and turntables.

The developed technology has transformed everything into small microphones and chips. Audiophile has brought back the charisma that was once lost during the emergence of technology. People conventionally opt to throw away old things and are fascinated by new subjects until they realize the worth of antiques. Audiophile gives an insight into an entirely different sphere.

On an obvious note, we tend to listen to the popular mainstream music from the ongoing buzz on radios to our personal headphones and outdoor parties. What we actually hear is the Digital sound of music; sound must be manipulated and stored in a digital form that stores data into bits and bytes in a computer. Over the years, we have latched onto the digital effects that caused a lacuna of the analog system.

The sound era has moved from the analog style to the digital, each time with new upgrades. But what we miss is the true essence of single corded guitar or an acoustic singer mending the shatters in our soul. Even the most famous singers today admit that the analog methodology was a prized pleasure seeping deep within. The experience of using the analog systems is euphony of reality with a profound charm.

According to ‘The Guardian’, though enthusiasts and obsessives have stayed loyal to pre-digital formats, for the rest of us it feels like the vinyl record, the photographic print, the Polaroid camera, the analog recording studio and the darkroom have been cast aside, rendered all but obsolete by a digitally driven culture that devours all that preceded it.

Thus, we comprehend the evolution of mankind. But it’s not going to last as the universe follows the remarkable quote: ‘One can roam the world but at the end comes home’. Though the music industry has been coated with the digital style, it is a blessing that the olden technique is making its way back to the future.

Audiophile commenced respecting the golden era of music and sound by creating a homily store. The hub contains hundreds of records that date back to the 60’s and 70’s. Furthermore, the acoustic effect and multitudinous recorded music give one a spectacular ‘live experience’. Imagining the originality of music being played through digital platforms don’t do any justice to the artists. Hence, the analog creates music on an entirely different introspect.

Buland Shulka, the influential man behind the entire framework of creating a unique market, squarely says, “The Concept of revenue was never a question in my mind. The belief that goes along with this place is a high fidelity musical experience.” The aim of audiophile focuses on giving a standard to the legendary analog sounds.

Though generations of past and present have keenly attached to the latest digital rise, Goans undeniably have a soft spot for antiquated music systems. Most of the old folklores, party singles, masala mix and popular fabled numbers are best enjoyed in the analog guise, which Audiophile has ultimately manifested its potency.

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