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10 Tips To Work From Home During The COVID Pandemic

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Working from Home during Covid Pandemic
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As the unprecedented crucial times of global pandemic has made the world go helter-skelter, causing enormous havoc in the lifestyle, employment furthermore has led to the uncertain downturn in the economy. The ongoing pandemic has not only brought the schools to home but has certainly played an unexpected role, in making the dream ideology of ‘work from home’ come true. However, employees of various companies and other designated employment sectors have established a workplace at home here are some do’s that will help one to enhance productivity and enjoy working from home.

1. Time management – established work hours

The foremost incentive that will initiate your working from home is the proper management of time. Unlike your regular traditional working hours, one important factor of working from home is ‘ maintaining flexibility in one’s working hours. It is necessary to dedicate a specific amount of work hours if one wants to make work productive enough to attain its goals. Now that you’re at home you can be flexible with your time depending on the productivity factor.

2. Investment in good technology and gadgets

As working from home mostly involves submitting projects or achieving sales target through digital marketing, creating presentations,  mailing etc., a good investment in the technical aspects which will probably help you in easing out your work. Investing in for a good pc or a laptop or any good featured feasible device along with a high-performance router or VPN is mandatory,  thus could be of good value depending on the nature of work.

3. A good working environment

Likewise, time management ones working environment is also an essential factor in determining productivity, therefore it is necessary to have a good working environment at home. Keeping yourself from family distractions or noise/working in a silent environment shall allow one to concentrate and dedicate fruitfully towards the designated work. Adding to this a good designated working space having your own working desk will be beneficially infusing a sense of comfort while working.

4. Scheduling  a break

While working, sitting for long hours in front of the computer, can probably strain your eyes, could cause you a back-related issue or could also have a psychological impact, therefore, scheduling necessary short breaks from the work routine is a must. This will allow you to refresh your mind, maintain a smooth working flow as you prepare for the next lined up task.

5. Having a separate phone for work purposes

Considering the intensity of the work it is ideal to have a separate phone for the working purpose as it makes a clear distinct separation of your personal and working life, this further is a great measure in terms of work privacy and security.

6. Do not skip meals: eat healthily

It is not ideal to skip meals in the name of workload, as your working from home do not be too hard on yourselves unlike traditional working pattern while at the office. However, eat healthy food have snacks from time to time according to the designated breaks which will ensure your good health.

7. Keep in touch with the working team

Although working from has isolated the entire team from each other however a credible employee always makes sure to be in touch with the working colleagues to attain productivity.  Hence it is necessary to share views, place phone calls and gather the required content needed for the work. In this matter upgrading oneself to business communication platform by using professional communication tools could be the right alternative to enhance the work performance.

8. Stay off Digital media disturbance

While your working online there will be millions of digital distractions that could pull your focus away from work. These distractions could vary from pop up ads to others what’s app texts and social media notifications. These distractions can create a huge loophole in your time management propaganda if not kept away or if one isn’t careful. Hence it is recommended to mute the notifications while at work.

9. Avoid procrastination of designated work

Unfortunately working from home at times can have a profound impact on the enthusiasm of a focused person which may further result in procrastination of work that may result in piling up of work which could be quite cumbersome to accomplish along with the other newly-designated tasks. Hence it is necessary to achieve the task within the limit.

10. Plan out / Strategies the next workday

When you are done with your day, before leaving your working desk, work out on the schedule for the next day such that it initiates the swiftness in your work. This goes back to your time management wherein the setting of work hours come into the picture. Planning out for the next working day will allow you to stick on to your time, thereby increasing your working performance will create a healthy work schedule.

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