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Skeleton Comes out of the Closet After 11 Years to Tell The Story of a Crime

As rightly said by a Japanese proverb, “You cannot hide three things for long: The Sun, moon and the truth.”This statement stands right for
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As rightly said by a Japanese proverb, “You cannot hide three things for long: The Sun, moon and the truth.”This statement stands right for the following story. The mystery of the remains of a skeleton found in the house at Aquem, Margao has been finally solved. Joining the points of the incident, it all led to an incident that occurred nearly eleven years ago. What follows will leave one shocked. To know more read on.

Skeletal remains of a human were found during a renovation work of a building in Aquem, Margao. The Police set out to investigate this mysterious skeleton and ended up suspecting the previous tenants of this house.

On further interrogation, the accused confessed his crimes and was arrested. The accused was none other than the son of the buried body. The Police identified the body as Bhimsen and the accused son as Pashuram Doranahalli, who had murdered his father in 2008 with the help of his mother Renuka. Before we move further let us know what happened eleven years ago.

Bhimsen Kodagnoor, a tile fitter was reportedly having an illicit relationship with Renuka, the mother of the arrested, according to Times of India. Renuka was care-taker of the house owned by one Ismael Sheikh, who lived in Dubai. He lived with Renuka and her son, Pashuram Doranahalli. Bhimsen would often get drunk, beat and torture Renuka. Unable to bear the torture, the mother-son duo, one day killed Bhimsen over a heated argument by strangulating his throat.

The body was later buried in the rented property itself. When people started noticing the mysterious disappearance of Bhimsen, they questioned Renuka and her children about the same. They informed that he had left for Bijapur.

According to Navhind Times, after a few months of the incident took place, the family decided to leave the rented house and shift to their native. Apparently, the owner also informed that he had received a call from the caretaker, Renuka that she was leaving for her native place while four days later her daughters claimed that the two were killed during to a family dispute.

Nearly eleven years after the incident took place, the place was dug up for renovation purposes and the skeletal remains of the deceased Bhimsen were found.

A police team led by PSI Suraj Gaus investigated the matter and soon found an acquaintance of Renuka and Bhimsen named Irrapa. He informed that in June 2008, Bhimsen had disappeared under mysterious circumstances after a fight with Renuka and her children and have not been seen ever since.

This information led to suspecting the previous residents of this house, and the Police team along with Irrapa went to Bijapur. However, the accused had shifted to Kunnur. When finally the Police head to Kunnur, they tracked down and arrested the 35-year old Pashuram Doranahalli who confessed his doings.

According to him, in June 2008, he along with his mother assaulted and strangulated Bhimsen over a dispute and choked him to death.

The mother of the accused who was also his compliance with the murder had reportedly killed herself a few months after the murder by consuming pesticides.  The accused was arrested and was brought to Margao and was booked under IPC Sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing the disappearance of evidence of offense).

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