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Goan OCIs and Portuguese Passport Holders Need Not Fear of NRC, Says BJP President

There is chaos across the country due to the introduction of the Citizenship Amendment Act. Goa is the only state in the country that
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There is chaos across the country due to the introduction of the Citizenship Amendment Act. Goa is the only state in the country that has not encouraged any sort of agitation and violence, but somewhere down line, there is a fear amongst the Goan OCIs and Portuguese Passport Holders. The fear of losing Indian Citizenship, the fear of coming under the Axe of CAA and NRC, and many political parties, especially the opposition is encouraging that fear to cash on the opportunity. 

There were reports in the past about NRC and CAA affecting the Portuguese Passport Holders and OCIs (National Register of Citizens) in the state but the recent statement issued but the Rajya Sabha Member and BJP president has given a relief to all Goan Portuguese passport holder and OCIs that they do not have to worry about the implementation of NRC.

In one of the recent article published on the Incredible Goa, we put the light on what is OCI card and what Goans or anyone for that matter holding OCI card needs to do to make sure that they do not face issues while they make a plan to come down to India.

There are many OCI cardholders from Goa who have set up their base in foreign lands and all of them do travel to India often for the business or leisure. The newly introduced NRC issue has created a huge confusion amongst various sections of the society including the Goan Portuguese Passport Holders and  OCIs.

According to the report published in the India News, the Rajya Sabha Member and BJP President Vinay Tendulkar said that Goan Portuguese Passport holders and OCIs need not fear of NRC as they will not be discriminated against if and when the National Register of Citizens (NRC) exercise is implemented in the coastal state.    

The Goans across in the state and around the world were under uncertainty about the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC. There were rumours spread by opposition parties about the adverse effects of the implementation of CAA and NRC but Mr Tendulkar has put finally put the full stop to all the speculations by assuring the Goans to not worry about anything.   

“There is no need to fear even if they have Portuguese passports. Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Portuguese passport holders should have no fear. Those who have taken Portuguese passports have gone abroad. They will have earlier proof (documents). They will have ID cards, licence, Aadhaar card, bank passbook or LIC policy. Anyone document is enough (as proof),” Tendulkar said when asked about apprehension about the implementation of the NRC in Goa.    

Goa, a Portuguese colony for over 450 years, gained independence (Liberation) in 1961. The departing Portuguese, but while leaving the state Portuguese rulers offered the power of Portuguese Passport to all the Goans born in Goa on or before 1961, their children and grandchildren.

Thousands of Goans used the opportunity to migrate to Portugal and subsequently to the UK, and other European Union Countries thanks to the easy access across countries under the aegis of the European Union. Rough estimates suggest that up to 30,000 Goans are living in the UK, using the Portuguese citizenship route.

Mr Tendulkar made it clear that the NRC will not affect any Goan but it will help in identifying the “outsiders” who have illegally entered the country as migrants and are working mostly as labourers.

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