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Ivor Gunton, the UK national, stranded in Goa for several weeks is all set to leave for home on Wednesday

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Ivor John Gunton
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Ivor John Gunton (77) from the UK, has been stranded in Goa for more than two months, and is presently entering his 9th week of hospitalisation. He has just received the news that he has been waiting for. He is finally going home.

After several agonising weeks, Ivor Gunton, from Bristol in the UK, has just received his final approvals for repatriation from Goa on a British Airways flight, set to leave India on Wednesday 22nd April 2020.

This brilliant news serves as a tremendous relief to Ivor and his family. Particularly his daughter Claudia, and his wife Geraldine, both of whom have been in daily contact with the Delhi High Commission, the UK FCO, RBS Insurance, and the hospital team in Margao, who have been taking care of him.

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Ivor’s journey on Wednesday does not come without its risks. His immune system is severely depleted, and thus he has an enhanced chance of him contracting an infection as a result. His allocation on this scheduled BA repatriation flight (a Boeing 777) was the last resort to get him home.

British Airways Boeing 777
British Airways Boeing 777 that will be taking Ivor Gunton to the UK

After weeks of frantically trying to obtain clearance for a private air ambulance to land in Goa, this emergency flight was ultimately refused outright by the Indian Government. A decision I will never understand.

He is set to travel with close family friends, Wayne and Janice Carter, who will be taking care of him on the flight home. I have just spoken to Geraldine, Ivor’s wife, and she is absolutely ecstatic with the news- although she did say Ivor might find his reception at Goa airport somewhat unnerving! Ivor is a very private man, and not used to the attention of this sort. They say everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame… but this has far exceeded that!

I hope you all join us here at ‘Incredible Goa Magazine’ in wishing Ivor a safe flight home. And also wishing his successful treatment and a speedy recovery in due course.

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