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Goa’s Famous Football Cow and the Publicity Seekers

An innocent video of boys playing football in a field, being joined by a cow which chased the ball relentlessly went viral around the
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An innocent video of boys playing football in a field, being joined by a cow which chased the ball relentlessly went viral around the globe on July 2. However, the video continues to garner attention now as people and activists argue that she was chasing after the ball presuming it to be her recently dead calf and another section denying that she lost a calf altogether. The truth remains huddled among these accusations but what is obvious is however that the cow is being harassed unknowingly for the purpose of publicity and making news on TV and social media by vested interests, particularly in the village she hails from – Mardol.

A video of a cow playing football with a group of boys in Mardol, Goa went viral, around the globe.  From what can be seen the cow is relentlessly chasing the ball, refusing to give it up.  But now this innocent video is mired in man-made controversy, while the cow is being harassed, unbeknown to her, by publicity-seeking mongers.

According to a report in India Today on July 2, the viral video gained the attention of Indian cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle who termed it ‘as the funniest thing you will see’ on the internet today.  According to this source, the three-minute video was viewed seven lakh times with over 21,000 retweets and 64,000 on the first day itself.   

From the video, it appears the cow dabbles with the ball and runs along with it on the field so as to play it with the boys.  The video drew a hilarious response as the cow refused to concede the ball even as the boys made several attempts to retrieve it. 

However, even as people enjoyed the video praising her defending skills, several activists, as well as other tweets, emphasized with the cow stating that ‘she thinks the football is her calf and is trying to protect it.”

The furor gained momentum recently. A report in the Herald explained the other side of the viral cow story. Mardol locals have a similar story as to why the cow is always protecting the football.  They state that the football reminds her of her calf.  Apparently, she gave birth to a white calf recently, but lost it in a tragic road accident.  Disturbed by the loss, the locals believe it has been roaming around the Mardol temple area in search of her.  They firmly believe that the cow thinks the football is her calf and while it may appear she is playing with the football, she is actually trying to protect it as her ‘presumed’ calf. It is clear from the video that she will not permit anyone to take the ball from her, ascribing to the fact that she is protecting her newborn calf.

But, the footballers on the ground dismiss it as a rumor.  According to GoaNewsHub, the boys clarified that the news linking the behavior of the cow with the loss of her calf a mere rumor. “We have seen this cow obsessed with football for more than one year now. And this cow never had a calf,” they said in an interview with RJ Uday Chari on Big FM.  “If you come on Mardol ground, you can always see the cow there and it is always obsessed with football,” they reiterated.

With all these conflicting reports, the cow, is, unknown to her course, the center of attention – first her football skills and now controversy about her calf.  While she goes about her normal routine, vested interests, particularly those in her village are trying to grab attention spreading false news.  Spare the cow. This must be stopped!

Source: India Today | Herlado | Goa News Hub

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