Women are no more safe in the state today regardless of it being outsiders or the local youth, and they are more prone to be deceived by the people that they closely know. There were many cases wherein the tourists were found guilty of sexually abusing women in the state in various incidents, but here, in this case, four local youth are involved in breaking a trust of a young girl and raping her taking the advantage of her proximity with their friends, how cheap is that, and which girl will trust their friends after this incident?


Goa- once deemed as the safest city in the country to visit has now increasingly witnessing cases of sexual abuse. A tourist Paradise, once homes to the wandering hippies and a destination for the party animals have turned into a drug and sex racket adda which is now leaving the tourists with second thoughts on visiting this destination. Why has Goa become like this? What might be the reason behind such incidents? These questions are still yet to be answered.

But the one question that we need to ask is- Is it that bad? Compared to other states in the country, Goa is still comparatively much safer, but it would be foolish to deny that there is indeed a steep rise in criminal activities within the state both by the locals as well as the tourists.

An analysis of rape cases reported in Goa reveals that about 92% of cases are committed by friends, relatives, and other known persons.

The recent decade especially has witnessed a huge number of crimes ever recorded in the history of Goa. With the deaths of both the locals as well as many tourists- domestic and international, the image of this coastal paradise is dwindling and the effect can be seen as the ever decreasing tourist’s footfalls.

Goa still has contained its charm, beauty, and its resources but these unfortunate incidents are taking a hit on its reputation. But what is more unfortunate that these criminal activities are not just limited to the tourists.

Goa is witnessing cases of local criminal activities like rape, abduction, domestic violence within the state amongst the locals. There have been numerous cases of domestic violence and sexual assaults reported that now it makes one question about the safety of the state.

One such recent case occurred in the month of February wherein a girl was abducted and raped by four Goan youth. The police have arrested two individuals identified as Gauresh Ghadi (26) and Suraj Shetye (30). Both the accused are from North Goa and two more are yet to be caught.

Shockingly, Goa has registered 256 rapes from 2015 to 2018, out of which in most cases, the accused knew the survivors in the form of a relative, friend or even neighbors.

According to Navhind Times, The incident of alleged rape had occurred last month and a complaint in this regard was lodged by the mother of the victim. The victim is closely known to one of the accused persons. All four accused persons are friends. The accused took advantage of the proximity of the woman with their friend and allegedly sexually abused the victim, informed the police. The victim narrated the incident to her mother, who later lodged a complaint with the police.

An article published by Times of India stated that 92% of rapes in Goa are committed by persons known to the survivor. “An analysis of rape cases reported in Goa reveals that about 92% of cases are committed by friends, relatives and other known persons,” said crime branch superintendent of police Karthik Kashyap. “Only in 8% of the cases is rape committed by total strangers.” 

Shockingly, Goa has registered 256 rapes from 2015 to 2018, out of which in most cases, the accused knew the survivors in the form of a relative, friend or even neighbors. There are many social and criminological factors pertaining to the causes of these rapes. Speaking on the relation between the tourists and local behaviors, Kashyap said that “Goa has a substantial migrant and tourist population. Crimes committed by them add to the overall crime figures for Goa.”

Cases like these make one question about humanity. We cannot blame the tourists, the alcohol or the drugs for such behaviors. What we can blame is the sheer mentality of the rapist and abusers committing the offense. A shift of perspective is needed- it is not just the tourists that are unsafe but also the locals as well and it is not just the tourists committing crimes but the locals as well. Goa- The paradise of this country – is becoming unsafe not just as a tourist destination but as a state too. 



  1. Earlier people in Goa very innocent believe in God & scare to any thing which comes in bad angle but today people think money is everything they can buy what they won’t that is why they are not satisfied since they can’t buy peace. Origin of Goa you can hear in old Konkani songs.

    • The present government is not interested in ‘enforcong’ the law. They will only bring on new laws to hoodwink us trusting Goans. None of the laws benefit Goans. The government’s aim is to capture votes and thereby amass wealth for a period of 5 years. Laws are blindly being made/passed but without the intention of enforcing them… unless of course, it brings them more wealth and power.

  2. Gentle man
    Watch what ur reporting
    Surnames reveals they r migrants.
    Please correct ur article

  3. One a Portuguese paradise, now an Indian junk. So sad to see it drift of like this. All goans are Portuguese, Portugal has made goa what it was now India has made it what it is in just a spam of 50 years.

  4. Nothing but migrants. Our goan boys are not twisted in their heads. We really need the Portuguese back to drive the other thrash out of our state. All the rapes are committed by migrants who are even attacking the European tourists in Goa. Our real goan people are not, our beautiful goan women and the tourists as well because of these migrants. Pathetic

  5. It is no one’s but our own fault. Only if we were genuinely interested in Goa and worked in collarboration and had a paradigm shift in our
    attitudes, we would not reach the stage that we are now in.


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