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Goan Expatriates Living in Kuwait Will Not Get Their Permits Renewed Once They Turn 60

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Goan Expatriates Living in Kuwait
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A new development for the expatriates law in Kuwait has brought a sudden shock to the thousands of Goats living in the country, according to the new development those Goan turning 60 will have to leave the country with their expired permits. 

The report published in the local daily confirmed that the Gulf country’s Government had drastically cut down the work permits of those who turned 60 and that they will have to leave the country with their permits expiring.    

Reports in the Kuwaiti media and also some international- al journals said the Kuwaiti authorities are moving ahead with plans to refuse renewal of work permits of those 60 years of age and above. 

The law will come into the force from the 1st January 2021, stated the report. But it will not affect those holding University degrees or post Secondary School diplomas.

Also, those affected will be given an amnesty time through a ‘family residency permit’ but for a limited period. They will however have to eventually leave the country once these ‘family residency permit’ expires. 

The move is part of Kuwait’s decision to reduce the expat population ratio to 30 percent from the current al- most 70 percent following the pandemic-triggered economic crisis due to the turmoil in oil markets. 

(With Inputs from The Goan) 

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