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Goans Feel abandoned as Government fails to make provisions of an Essential Commodities for them

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Essential Commodities
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Goa went under complete lockdown from 24th March which was followed by the Janata Curfew Drill initiated by PM Modi to prepare people for the lockdown. The lockdown was needed to safeguard the people of Goa from coronavirus spread but people of Goa were not prepared for it. There were no heads up from the state Government before the lockdown neither Government is prepared to handle the situation. There is a huge commotion about the provision of essential commodities across the state.

The story begins with one day Janata Curfew which was announced on 22nd March my PM  appealing people to stay at home. During that time Goa CM addressed the people and asked them not to worry and don’t do any panic shopping since it is a temporary phase but the curfew continued for another 3 days and that finally culminated into complete lockdown for 21 days.

There is no government machinery to arrange the food and essential provisions to the people of Goa unlike the other states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Karnataka who have announced a big relief package for their people Goa don’t have any sort of provision.

Vegetables and Fish is very important for Goans

Goans have always taken for the ride by the politicians and lawmakers. According to the reports, CCP made an announcement Barely 2.5 hours after PM Narendra Modi announced a three-week lockdown by spreading a leaflet on the social media, the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) announced free home delivery of all essential grocery items if people “have run out of groceries”. But in reality, nothing happened the number given by them did not even work.      

CCPs grocery delivery service offered for onions, potatoes, tomatoes, chilies, coconuts, flour, rice, turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, dal, oil, sugar, salt, tea, and soap. Looking at the initiative of CCP even other municipal corporations have decided to follow the steps but only on theory. 

People of Goa feeling dejected and betrayed by the state government. Forget about any relief package during the period of emergency, the state government has completely failed to make any arrangement of the essential goods supply to the people of Goa.

Goa doesn’t have single positive case compared the to the other neighboring states but the lockdown is inevitable due to the fear of community spread as Goa being the tourism destination besides many Goans working in the other states have flown back to Goa and chances of they carrying the deadly virus cannot be ruled out.

Home Quarantine for the people with Travel History

The state government had announced the home quarantine to such people by imprinting on their hands with a stamp which says “HOME QUARANTINE”, but according to the reports many have not revealed their travel history which created a sense of fear and to overcome that state Government made an appeal asking all those people of come forward and get their hands stamped and also appealed to the people of Goa to provide information of any such people.

State Government kept appealing to the people of Goa not to panic as Government will make arrangements for the supply of essential goods at their doorstep but no such arrangements have been made in reality.

Goans are having no idea what will happen next as the majority of the people have made the provision like milk, fruits, vegetables, and groceries that may last for a couple of days but after that what? No one knows. A certain segment of the society may be having all the provisions stocked up in their bungalows or apartments but what about the common man? Who will come to their rescue? Does anyone has an answer to this??

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