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Remembering the Irish Backpacker Danielle McLaughlin on her 30th Birthday

Danielle McLaughlin would have been 30 on this day if she was alive but one wrong move resulted in her untimely and unfortunate demise.
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Danielle McLaughlin would have been 30 on this day if she was alive but one wrong move resulted in her untimely and unfortunate demise. She was raped and brutally murdered by the person she trusted the most while on her vacation in this beautiful tiny state. The ghastly incident will complete almost two years now but she did not get the justice she rightly deserves yet. Her friends and family gathered to celebrate her birthday and the post went viral on social media.

It may be recalled that on 15th March 2017 Goa witnessed one of the most brutal murders of the state. Danielle Mclaughlin was a 28 when she was brutally raped and murdered on the Agonda beach in South Goa.

It was during the spring festival in India called Holi that takes place during the month of March Danielle, 28, had visited Canacona to meet her friend Vikat Bhagat, a 22 year youth, resident of Canacona, to celebrate Holi with her, but that turned out to be a nightmare for her and she was gang-raped and murdered by Vikat and his friends on the Agonda Beach, just 5km away from Palolem, in south Goa.

Remembering the late Ms Danielle Mclaughlin, her friends and family gathered to celebrate her 30th Birthday. Reminiscing her (Danielle Mclaughlin) telling that she dreads to grow old, her loved ones shared the post on Facebook spreading a heartfelt message.

According to Goa Prism, her post-mortem reports had revealed that there were several injuries on her private parts and that was caused due to her resistance to the forced sexual activity. She was mercilessly killed by hitting a beer bottle on her head and her face was disfigured using the broken pieces of the beer bottle.

This event caused the major uproar in the state and still shivers run down the spine. The 28- year old was accompanied by Vikat Bhagat who is the prime accused of this case. He had been arrested for several such cases in the past.

Danielle Mclaughlin was among the 245 foreigners killed in the State from the past 12 years. In the year 2018, Goa witnessed several cases of rape and murder of foreigners which resulted in re-considering the reputation of Goa as a tourist destination. This case was indeed an unfortunate event that makes us question the existence of Humanity.

Danielle’s family and friends cherish her memories and missed her on this day. According to Irish Mirror, A poignant post shared on the Truth for Danielle McLaughlin Facebook page on Monday said her loved ones would remember her with random acts of kindness and asked others to join in.

It read: “Even though Danielle dreaded this day, the day she would turn officially old in her eyes – 30. 

“It used to scare her to even think about leaving her twenties, we would love if she was here to actually be allowed to age, have children, get married, tease her about ageing etc but we can’t. 

“So, instead we decided it didn’t have to be a negative thing and that we could make something positive come out of her thirtieth birthday.

“Just like she believed something good will always come out of something bad so here we are. Missing someone always and wishing they were here…”

They recall Danielle to be a kind-hearted soul and wanted to spread her words to the world through their post which read- “We are doing a random act of kindness in Danielle McLaughlin’s memory, will you?”

It is depressing to think that such a young girl with a good heart is not amongst us anymore and her near ones miss her so dearly. What is more, than it is inspiring to see her beloved ones taking such initiatives to spread happiness and preach kindness as they believe that this is something she would have always wanted?


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