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10 Pocket Friendly Restaurants In Panjim under 100/-

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Fill up your belly till the brim, without emptying your wallet with this guide to the best cheapest places to grab yourself a bite. Here, we have a list of our favourite places, that are definitely worth every rupee. To entice your taste buds in 100 rupees, we have included a little bit of everything; right from shawarmas, to kebabs, to authentic pav bhaji, to burgers, milkshakes, lassi and so much more. So, the next time you find yourself with just 100  bucks, you will not see the need to resort to patties and samosas. Also, this list is written taking into consideration  the fitness freaks, vegetarians and halal certification


The name says it all! What more do we need to explain here?! You name it and they have it! A tidbit secret that you must know is that they are the only outlet that serves Arabic shawarmas in the afternoon for lunchtime snackers, who crave for something, other than the usual. The owner Mr Riyaz Thapal is one person full of smiles and a chai fanatic as well. And it is a halal certified place.


As mentioned earlier, we have written this article keeping in mind to cater to everybody’s needs. Here we have Mum’s Snacks, the vibe of the place is so homely and warm, straight out of the pan and pots. They make sure you do not leave half empty with their generous amount of food. Their chicken burgers are a sweet deal of Rs. 60/- and their chow is something that will definitely get you to eat till your brim. Mum’s Snacks is run by Ezilda, who treats every person coming in, like her own.


In the corner, this grab-and-go snack. Potato patties mashed with garlic, chillies and coriander dipped in chickpea flour, fried golden, then laid in “Pav” – a springy white bap that’s well buttered, spread with coriander chutney and sprinkled with garlic and chilli powder. Everyone, right from students to businessmen, place their orders in the heated tiny spaced room. However, they manage to live to tell their stories and of course, relinquish their appetite to the Chai Pani, hidden under the grey building, on the 18th June road, which whips up more than a thousand a day. An added touch is a plate of rock-salted fried green chillies, which aren’t nearly as fiery as you might think.


Just opposite Bosco’s, Bhaiyaa’s  Pav Bhaji is particularized in making you lick your fingers and filling your stomach in a jiffy. Although it is hidden behind white barriers, you mutter “Pav bhaji” to any passersby and they will point you in the right direction. Two metal plates arrive within minutes: one containing thick vegetable masala straddled by a slab of butter, the other with pav so well buttered. Your arteries will tighten at the sight of it, but your stomach will thank you. Squeeze some lemon on the top and dig in with your fingers. I bet you, you will not taste something so authentic and just YUM, straight outta the 80’s, with their price still the same, just a difference of 5 rupees, and a joyful man Mr Arsid, always in the mood to treat you with smiles and good food.


This joint started way back in 1935, by Damodar Zaveri. And has come a long way. Their authentic Gujarati food; theplas, dhoklas, chaats; especially their bhel puri is something always filled with a new surprise each time, though it might not seem much of a place to dwell around. This place is a  must try on a bustling day when you just want to feel how it was, in the olden days.


Oh! the laziz kebabs, tikkas, rolls and much more. Lucky is the only benchmark for skewered kebabs for under Rs.100/- in Panjim. The kebabs hang from smoking stalls like sizzling curtains. It’s been just around for 9 months now, that grills the most tender chicken seekh kebabs in the city. Crisp on the outside and melting in the middle, the flavours are both delightful and leave you craving for more. A definite steal for all under 100 rupees, their healthy amount of biryani is something you must try too.


A place where one can indulge in a decent amount of Rs.100/- fish thalis, grilled cheese sandwiches, milkshakes which are reasonably priced and tasty extravagant burgers and we do mean what we say. The two owners Siddharth and Thomas, IIH students, who planned out to have a food truck, but thankfully ended up having a place around the corner on the 18th June road. The urban and air conditioned place to bring in your date *wink wink*, their menu is so attractive, and their food is brilliant.


Here, we have a place for the fitness freaks and the people who love sweet treats. The place is a 5-minute walk from Don Bosco’s, and well! there’s certainly something desi and a mix of urban in their outlet. You can see the parched crowd settling around from morning to evening to quench their thirst. Desi lassi is the hangout place, for chilled drinks and it is the only place we have come across in Panjim, that serve protein shakes with the healthy amount. Make sure you try their gadbad ice cream and death by chocolate. Cool off with a glass of sweet lassi, and oh! and they do have salty for the khatta lovers.


In the heart of Pato, you will find a small cafe that has much more to offer. The owner, Mr Raymond Fernandes, a one man army, handling the outlet on his own and this tiny joint in Pato, that serves burgers at the size of which will make you feel frail and slight. They are well known for their club sandwiches. Oh, and their thick avocado shakes are like nothing you have tasted before, an absolute must try. A perfect place to bring in your fam or pals for brunch, or for an evening escapade to fill your stomach.


Serve a quirky burger that is sure to pleasantly surprise your taste buds, the brother trio; Nikhil, Harsh and Saahil initiated this idea of opening up a place of their own, where people could hang out and enjoy good food. Their love for food drove them to open Cafe Basil, located near the beachside (Miramar) you will find all kinds of the crowd at every hour, asking for their burgers and cheesy french fries, that are spiced and fried to absolute perfection. They also customize your food, according to your wishes! Isn’t that amazing??!

If you have a favourite food outlet in Panjim or in any other part of Goa, please share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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