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Alexandra Faye – Carving Her Path In The Fashion Industry

Alexandra started her studies in the field of fashion designing at Mumbai but before she was working at a Multi designer store situated in
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Alexandra Faye
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Alexandras journey into the fashion world started when she was just about eight years old and her first inspirational window to the fashion world was her grandmother. When her grandma used to do stitching, Alexandra would observe her very closely and that started fascinating her, that garments are made this way. Luckily her grandma was very supportive and she would teach Alex how to handle the needle and a thread while she watch her stitching on the machine and that paved the way to her learning process at that tender age. Today whatever Alex has achieved is an outcome of her passion. According to Alex, she would often watch models on the Fashion TV at the time children of her age busy watching cartoons. 

Alexandra pursued her education in the field of commerce, Actually, I wanted to do my initial education in the field of fashion but then those days, fashion wasnt considered to be a full time profession,” said Alex adding that now there are degree courses in the fashion field of education. 

Before joining her fashion designing course, Alex had been working at a Multi designer store. I wanted to learn about the technicalities in Fashion industry and when I thought there is more I will be able to learn through education I decided to quit the job and start the education. The job gave me an insight as to what it was that i wanted to do, no matter what the struggle was this was something what i wanted to do”, said Alex.

Alexandra started her studies in the field of fashion designing at the JD Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai. The major challenge before me was funding my own education and that made me earn while completing my studies, and with a little help from family too, I saved enough money to complete my course,” said Alexandra. The life was tough. She used to work in the evening while attending her college in the morning session. When I would reach back home from work there were assignments to finish, it was very hectic but fun.” 

Alexandra did not want to put any financial burden on her mother who raised her and her 3 siblings being a single mom and that made Alex want to take her own responsibility in terms of learning process and beginning of her own career. After finishing my education in fashion technology from JD, I came back to Goa and tried my hands on many things. Wardrobe reconstruction, personal clothing makeovers, personal shopping, and things which hadnt developed in Goa yet was something i was trying my hand at and then i realised that styling in particular was something i like doing.”

The Label Alexandra Faye

When I finished my education I decided to come back to Goa, despite the fact that Mumbai was bigger industry and opportunities were also more but still for me it was like small fish in big pond. On the other hand Goa Was coming up in the fashion segment. After coming back to Goa it took me couple of months to figure out what I wanted to do. I started experimenting with various things like photo styling, video shoots etc. I experimented with almost everything in the industry before trying my hands into developing my own label called Alexandra Faye”. 3 years later, the label now focuses on customised Indo Western and Western wear for men and women, bridal gowns and entourage, evening wear and much more.

After starting her label Alexandra decided to start her career into the field of education. JD started its institute in Goa and I joined them as a faculty. Teaching was a new field for me but soon I started enjoying my work. Another thing about teaching is that whatever i learnt i am giving back and whatever i learnt i have learnt on my own so it felt nice to give back too. Here i can help other Goans, particularly to also come up and this made a lot of sense,” she said. Currently Alexandra manages both teaching and running her label. I am blessed to have a very dedicated team that works with me.” she added. 

Alexandra take up projects where she work as stylist and she has a team of stylists. But more or less, we essentially focus on the label because everything we do at the label is customised. From speaking to a client, to understanding them and their requirements to designing for them, and focusing on styling them. All of this is huge process and a-lot goes into it,” she said. Since i have been freelancing for a long time, we have built up our clientele over the years. We now focus primarily on wedding as well as mens wear. The style we go for is contemporary, and a modern kind of a look and take up orders in that way.”

According to Alexandra, she likes to work with the materials like Chiffon, Rayon and Cotton, Theres a variety of printed fabric which are quirky and funky prints, another speciality of ours. I personally work on a lot of illustrations myself and i get those printed too to create new fabric prints” said Alexandra adding, she has a wide range of choices for the people who want to go for the customised garments but cannot afford to spend big money on it. We also have a range of garments that are extremely high end and this way we cater to everyone. We are clear with the customers and clients as to what we can offer and what is available.” 

According to Alexandra the fashion industry in Goa is growing rapidly and there is a lot of potential for the everyone. There are a lot of amazing designers and a lot of their work is reaching very high levels and i have a feeling it is going to grow even more in the next couple of years.” 

I would just say go for it, in the sense when you have a passion for it you should go on with it. There will definitely be hindrances, but if someone really wants to do something they should do it. People in goa can make their own market, when theres no market theres space to make a market.

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