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Any physical relationship with the minor amounts to Rape regardless of the fact it is carried out with the consent of the same. Law has been made to protect the interest of minors who are prone to sexual abuse. Here, in this case, something similar seems to have happened.

According to the sources, a 24-year-old Rashid Malik, Native of UP and residing in Goa in a rented place was arrested by the Goa police for influencing a minor girl to come with him to his native place, and later on getting physically involved with her.    

According to Times of India, Rashid Malik, 24, from Uttar Pradesh (UP), arrested for kidnapping a minor girl, has been further slapped with rape charge under Section 8 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 8 of the Goa Children’s Act.

The report clearly states that victim on her own went all the way to Delhi in the train where the accused Rashid was already waiting to receive her. Later on, he took the victim to his native place in UP.

“On March 5, the victim boarded a Delhi-bound train and met the accused in the national capital from where he then took her to his house in UP,” revealed the police report.    

The police inspector (PI) Rahul Parab said that the minor’s father lodged a complaint against Rashid. Acting on the father’s complaint, a police team led by police sub-inspector (PSI) Francis Xavier traveled to UP and, with the assistance of Saharanpur police, traced the accused and brought them to Goa. 

The accused has been remanded to the 14 days of Police custody and he is charged with abduction and rape of a minor girl.

He has been booked under Section 8 of the Indian Penal Code of the Goa Children’s Act.  The sources have revealed that the alleged accused Malik convinced the minor girl to run away from home. The medical report of the victim has revealed that she was sexually assaulted by the accused.

There are many cases of accused involved in the sexual abuse of minors coming up in the state lately and in most cases, the minors have been found influenced with the various activities of gratification. But the strong law does not allow anyone to take advantage of the minors. What are your views on this?    


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