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Despite the Fog Puts the light on Refugee Crises Haunting the European Countries

The film is based on the story of an 8-yar-old Refugee boy adopted by a couple who recently lost their only child. It is
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The film is based on the story of an 8-yar-old Refugee boy adopted by a couple who recently lost their only child. It is a heart-touching story but besides that, it also gives a very strong message that despite all the development that has taken place in the world we are still morally backward. 

The film directed by one of the distinguished directors, Goran Paskaljevic, who tried to put the light on society’s hypocrites’ nature and growing hatred amongst the people of different religions. The press conference held at the IFFI media center attended by the cast and crew of the movie here is the excerpts of the same        

Speaking about his very poignant film, Despite the Fog (translated from the Italian: Nonostante La Nebbia), Mr. Paskaljevic touched on the issues of a major refugee crisis that is present in Europe today. Thousands of refugees risk their lives every day, leaving behind their homes, schools, friends, and family to escape the war in their countries and end up in European countries such as Greece, Italy, and Spain. They look death directly in the eyes as they attempt to cross treacherous seas and borders, simply to live. The irony is lost on many. Mr. Paskaljevic spoke about how he was inspired by these current circumstances and the general approach towards them.

Ali Mousa Ali Shahran plays the role of a small boy, Mohammed, who escapes war-torn Syria with his parents, who tragically drown on-route, and ends up in Italy where he is adopted by a couple bereaved by the loss of their own son. The story tells of discrimination faced by Mohammed in his new surroundings by a society not used to outsiders. Further, it shows judgment against his new ‘parents’ whose friends and families are not accepting of their decision to take Mohammed under their wing.

The film depicts middle-class attitudes and prejudices towards refugees making the journey of the people who escape their homes for a better life, a whole lot more difficult. Mr. Paskaljevic introduced the producer, Mariella Li Sacchi, who spoke about Italians’ attitudes at the present time towards political and economic migrants, which are often never defined from one another but are in fact very different. In a world where we are trying to give a message of acceptance and non-discrimination, the current attitudes across Europe towards immigrants seem to be degenerating, bordering on xenophobia.

Alongside the director and producers were some of the actors, who play important roles in the film. Writing credits go to Marco Alessi, Filip David, Giuseppe Eusepi and Mr Paskaljevic himself. The film is worth watching!!

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