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Most played skill game type in the world

Skill games do not just entertain or excite people but also help to develop cognitive skills. If you are a lover of skill games,
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Skill games are the most beautiful games any gamer can find to play. Even though they may involve a tiny bit of luck, the player’s skills and ability to apply strategies are the factors that mostly determine if he or she wins.

Skill games do not just entertain or excite people but also help to develop cognitive skills. If you are a lover of skill games, then you are on the right page. This article discusses the most played skill game types you can find in the world.


Puzzle games are games that test your cleverness and ability to solve problems. They also help you develop your ability to find solutions to problems quickly. It involves putting pieces of disorganized material together to arrive at the correct form of the whole piece. You have to put together unarranged pieces or ideas together in a logical way.

You can get so much entertainment from puzzles but may also need to do some logical or mathematical work. There is no shortage of puzzle games where you can test your skills. Jigsaw puzzles, for instance, will test your ability to memorize and recognize shapes. Solitaire games will test your ability to identify patterns and strategically plan. Best of all, you’ll have fun playing these types of games while testing the limits of your skill. 


You don’t always have to be on the field or court to partake in sporting activities, you can also play sporting games. Sports games also require some skills which may be similar to the skills required in the main sport. The games may also follow the same required pattern as the sports itself.

For example, if you love football, then you can play soccer games. You will need to make all moves done on the football field but with the controls of the game. You will need to pass, shoot, throw-in, corner kicks, etc, depending on how advanced the game is. Skills required in football can also be applied in the game. You will have to be able to decide the right passes to make and when to shoot for goal.

Sports games are very interesting, especially for lovers of sports.


In racing games, you may have to apply skills like acceleration, braking, and steering. You will have to calculate each move on the road so that you remain on track. You get to play racing games with opponents, and many times more than one opponent. Your goal in the game is to get to the finish line before all other competitors.

Casino games

Even though there are many casino games of chance, there are still many that are not totally based on luck. Many gamers like to play casino games online that are based on skill, such as Blackjack and many others.

When you play casino skill games, you get to catch fun and may also get to win some money. Of course, you can also choose to play casino games for free, if you’d like. The choice is entirely up to you. 


Arcade games have been around for so long that many people say skill gaming is based on arcades. They are still very much available in today’s world and are in more advanced forms. Games like candy crush are well played by many with their devices.

There has been a trend of arcade runners in the gaming market in the last several years. These games include endless running where the character continues to run and collect points. The character has to be as fast as possible and attain the fastest distance possible. An example of arcade runners is Temple Run.


Fighting games have been the players’ favourite for a very long time. They usually involve more than one player that displays skills to get each other down. Old games like Mortal Kombat are still available today and even in newer formats.

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