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Are You Planning To Buy A Second Home In Goa? Here Are Some Important Tips For you!

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Second Home in Goa
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Although considered the smallest state of India, Goa is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the subcontinent. Swaying palms, stretches of golden sand as well as the remarkable and unique Portuguese-styled Goan structures have made Goa, a high demanding location for those who are looking out to move into the state.

Goa is having a developing infrastructure and at the same, it has retained its serenity and tranquil surroundings. The extended diversity of the locations of Goa make it easier for the people to choose which locations in Goa they exactly want to choose to move in.

Those who are well adapted to the city life can try their luck at cities like Mapusa,

Porvorim or Panjim in North Goa while Margao, Vasco, and Ponda in south Goa. And the others who would like to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city can choose more serene and calm areas closer to the coastal belts in Goa.

Another important factor that should be considered when moving into Goa is the budget and the type of structure you want to move into, a luxury apartment or a well-furnished villa, a simple 2BHK apartment, or a Portuguese House.

It all depends according to your need and preference. Be sure to get in touch with a well-reputed housing agency or a consultant to get your choice sorted out. Both

North and South Goa have different options to try depending on the neighborhood you want to choose.

Luxury villas and apartments in South Goa are cheaper compared to those in North Goa spanning in a scale of above 4 crores minimum. Apartments in Miramar, Siolim, Dona Paula come under higher price tags in North Goa while in South Goa, Colva and Benaulim take the highest spots.

In addition to buying apartments and villas, retirement house studios also became trending for a while with the pricing starting from around 18 lakhs.

After much consideration and planning even if you find the perfect home of your choice, there are still more factors to be considered before further processing the financial deals.

Be sure to check about the neighborhood you are planning to be a part of. Also if you have decided on an apartment in a complex or a colony check for the security facilities, parking facilities before you are left out without more choice.

If you are a single woman planning to move in alone be sure to opt for a safe, better place that has all the essential facilities within easy reach.

Although Goa is considered a safe place for women there are some exceptions like Vasco, Candolim which single women should leave out while looking for their future apartment.

After dealing with all the primary factors then comes the next important step, all the legal activities. This is the place where the buyer has to be very much considerate

because anytime you can be prey for a fraudster. Be sure to pay extra attention to the documents, whether they are all genuine or not, and get the service of a professional lawyer in checking and verifying them.

According to a Goa-based real estate company with experience in the field for more than 17 years, “Given the fact that Goa is a roaring tourist spot, people are investing in holiday homes that generate a good rental income. People from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and other metropolitan cities want a second home in Goa because of its peaceful atmosphere and would like to use Goa as a home destination for retirement. ” Also based on their consultations many people opt for North Goa due to trouble-free access to shopping facilities and a large variety of beaches and nightlife events.

Investing in a property in this most sought-after land is a lifetime achievement. You get to experience the various traditions, cultures, various holiday get-outs, and much more all in one place. But be sure to make this opportunity totally worthy.

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