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Netflix Will be Streaming Its Content With Apple’s Latest Spatial Audio Feature

Apple’s New Spacial Audio feature that Apple used to provide on Apple TV will be now available on your favourite Netflix channel.
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Netflix Will be Streaming Its Content With Apple’s Latest Spatial Audio Feature
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Netflix is one of the world’s most popular OTT platforms. People love Netflix shows, movies, and documentaries, especially Netflix Originals. Moreover, we understand how the pandemic has affected all of us and how Netflix and other OTT platforms have become our best friends for content. 

Now guess what? your favorite video content streaming company, Netflix has confirmed that it will now integrate Spatial Audio into its iOS apps. There’s no better way to enjoy spatial audio on iPhone and iPad and the latest M1 Macs than with Netflix’s new support for it, the experience is unrealistic!

Spatial Audio is Apple’s euphemism for surround sound, along with an added feature of dynamic head tracking. The general idea behind spatial audio is to make your experience feel more immersive by bringing sound from all directions. 

Spatial Audio is already supported by some of Netflix’s competitors, such as Apple TV+, HBO Max, and Disney+. In contrast, Amazon Prime does not offer this service.

Back in January, it was reported that Netflix was testing spatial audio support for its iOS apps. It took a while, but Netflix has finally rolled out Spatial Audio support for the iOS app. 

Spatial Audio was introduced by Apple at WWDC 2021 in May. In addition, Apple introduced Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos to Apple Music subscribers free of charge. 

Spatial audio locates the source of sound by using hardware such as a gyroscope and accelerometer. By doing so, the sound source position will also change with the user’s head movement, giving the impression that the sound comes from a fixed source.

Initially, the news broke on Reddit, where users reported that Netflix’s app had been updated with this feature. This was later confirmed by the French website, Generation. Also, 9to5Mac reports that a Netflix spokesperson confirmed the streaming platform’s iOS apps would have spatial audio. 

It is expected that AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users will be able to use the enhanced audio feature on their iPhone and iPad and the new M1 Mac devices (only on Safari) devices. 

According to the spokesperson, the new feature is available on iOS 14 and higher. This provides subscribers with an amazing listening experience by using directional audio filters. It has been a long time coming.

Spatial Audio functionality can be toggled on or off in the Control Center. Netflix spokesperson noted that users must have the latest version of the app on iOS devices in order to take advantage of the feature. 

Due to the expected phased rollout of the update, users are advised to check for the update regularly, if they haven’t already received it.  

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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