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Local Taxi and Bus Operators Disapprove The Use Of Public Transport Vehicles Registered Outside The State by ISL Team

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Local Taxi and Bus Operators Disapprove The Use Of Public Transport Vehicles Registered Outside The State by ISL Team
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The local taxi operators always oppose the use of private and outside vehicles used to transport the people to and from Hotels and the same happened in the case of ISL team players for making the use of outside vehicles to transport the team members from the hotel to the ground. 

According to the AINS report, the local taxi and bus operators have warned the ISL of “legal actions” against the practice of using the vehicles registered outside the state for transporting the team players from the Hotel to the Ground. 

The Taxi and Bus operators approached the Calangute MLA and explained to him about the existing situation wherein the ISL players and officials is making the use of transport in the vehicles registered outside the state. 

Lobo went to meet the CM with the taxi and bus operator delegation to sort out the issue between the ISL and local taxi and bus operators. He spoke to the media reporters outside the CM’s residence in Altinho.    

“The ISL teams are in Goa. The teams travel in their own buses, Innovas, which are public transport vehicles registered in other states. It is ok if those vehicles are used to drop off team members. But they are also being used to ferry teams from the ground to the hotel or hotel to the ground or other places. It is against the law,” Lobo told reporters. 

Meanwhile, CM Sawant took cognizance of the matter and stepped in to find the amicable solution for the problem. The Port Minister Mr. Michael Lobo who was part of the meeting between the representatives of the Local Taxi and Bus operators told the media reporters that CM had directed the ISL organizers, state transport department officials, and the representatives of the Taxi and Tour Operators in Goa to meet and resolve the issue amicably. 

“If our local boys stop these vehicles, they (ISL) may not like it…CM has given directions to the director of transport to call ISL and taxi and bus operators delegation and resolve the issue,” Lobo said, adding that he had facilitated the meeting between taxi and bus operators unions and the chief minister. 

Taxi and bus operators have said that according to the Motor Vehicles laws, public transport vehicles are not allowed to ply “point to point” transportation of persons or goods in a state, where their vehicles are not registered.

Meanwhile, the Transport department officials have already been directed to fine owners of buses and taxis registered outside the state, which are ferrying ISL teams and officials, the minister also said.  

ISL matches are set to be held across three stadiums in Goa from November 22. Most of the 11 teams have already arrived in Goa to train for the league event.

Lobo said the taxi and bus operators had demanded that they should be allowed to ferry ISL teams at the same prices, which are being paid to their existing outstation public transport operators.

“They should use local vehicles instead, at the same price. Justice has to be done to the people of Goa. It is illegal for those outstation vehicles to ply in Goa. We will give vehicles at the same competitive price here,” he said.

With the Inputs from IANS

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