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MMC Identifies 100 Abandoned Cars and Decides To Auction Them If Owners Fail To Move Them

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MMC Identifies 100 Abandoned Cars
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The Margao Municipal Council (MMC) has now identified nearly 100 cars that are in an abandoned position around the city area, and have made a list of them and displayed the same on the municipal council building notice board. 

In the past, the MMC had issued a public notice giving citizens 15 days’ time to the owners of abandoned vehicles to move their vehicles from the footpaths or along roadsides. Goa Prism had reported last week that 

If the owners failed to remove their vehicles, the MMC would initiate action to take the vehicles away. 

Now, with the help of the local traffic police, the MMC has claimed to identify exactly 98 such abandoned, scrap, old or unclaimed vehicles parked along the roadsides and occupying space of the footpaths and roads in the municipal jurisdiction area. 

The Margao traffic cell, which provided support to the MMC to identify such vehicles, will now, with the help of the transport department office in South Goa, prepare details of the owner’s identity. 

The transport department has already been informed to assist in this preparation.  

Citing section 122 of the MV Act, Chief Officer of the council, Agnelo Fernandes said, “Any vehicle found hampering pedestrian movement due to unclaimed, damaged, parked haphazardly by the roadside and obstruction of pedestrian movement, has to be removed.”

Now, after putting up the details of the cars, the municipal council has given another 15 days duration to the owners to move their vehicles, failing which, the council will take action, which will include seizure of the vehicles and also auctioning of them in their current state. 

Meanwhile, on the issue of CCTV cameras in the city, installation work on the cameras is underway through an agency. Also, around 30 new locations have been identified for the set-up of new CCTV cameras, for which, the proposal will be placed before the South Goa MP to sanction the same under the MPLAD scheme.  

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