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After 5 Unlocks, Here’s What Goa Looks Like If You Are Planning A Visit

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Goa Post Lockdown
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With the fifth unlock setting in from this month onwards, Goa, like much of the country too, has been opening up its economic activities. With many opting for quick holiday trips to the state, Goa has been witnessing rising domestic tourists, and its influx has been largely beneficial for the struggling tourist-dependent businesses. 

Despite opening up in early July for domestic tourists, the state’s tourism only began picking up from last month. Earlier, the state government had made it mandatory for tourists entering the state to carry along a covid-19 negative certificate, or to get tested upon arrival in the state. 

However, with several restrictions being lifted since Unlock 4.0, entry into Goa does not require any covid-19 negative certificate. 

Strict quarantine rules had also made it tough for many to venture out, however, post-September, with many restrictions being lifted up, travel to the state has turned out to be a smooth one for many domestic tourists. 

Also, nearly 650 hotels in the state have opened up, and with more tourists arriving into the state, the numbers only hope to grow in the coming weeks. 

With business badly hit, several hotels and non-stared premises are offering discounted rates and special offers to attract tourists, and with all safety protocols being followed, business ventures around the tourism sector are hoping for a moderate, to a fairly good season this year. 

Furthermore, the much-awaited Hero-ISL scheduled to be played from November in Goa has also been a ray of hope for Goa’s hotel industry, as several teams have already begun arriving in the state. The teams are lodged into prime hotels across the state. 

The severe pinch however will be the absence of international tourists along Goa’s beaches, as due to travel restrictions in place, charter flights from foreign countries have pulled out – at least till the end of this year. 

Also, the beach shack allotment has been delayed by almost another 45 days, and as such, these two will be a big miss if you happen to visit Goa anytime soon. 

With new guidelines setting in, the state will also witness opening up of cinema halls, theatres and multiplexes from October 15th, with 50% seating capacity. 

The government has also now allowed public gatherings only involving not more than 100 people. All these events would have to follow physical distancing and strict safety measures.

The frequently sought casino industry however will continue to be shut, as the government said that no decision on re-opening casinos has been taken to date. 

So, if you do wish to travel to the state – either through a quick flight or by a road trip – note that safety measures in view of the coronavirus pandemic are strictly meant to be followed, because like the rest of the country too, Goa has been witnessing rising cases of the infection. 

Goa’s beaches are flocked with numbers, and with hinterland tourism being promoted, many even consider visiting Goa’s rich remote areas, largely unattended by tourists. 

This month appears to be a critical one for Goa’s tourism because as tourists begin descending to the state, Goa will also need to open up prominent attractions, and as such, tourist spots need to open up. 

The Dudhsagar waterfalls are expected to open up anytime soon in the week, and with much activity bustling around, Goa’s tourism sector is hoping to inch towards some sort of normalcy in the coming weeks. 

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