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25-Year-Old Marathi Actress Ishwari Deshpande Dies in Car Accident in Goa

The car of the actress in which Ishwari Deshpande was traveling with her boyfriend plunged into the creek in Arpora situated in the North
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Ishwari Deshpande Dies in Car Accident in Goa
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According to the reports the actress was in Goa with her boyfriend Shubham Dadge, they were suppose to get engaged while on their return to Pune, but the sad incident took both the lives. 

According to the report published in the Goa Prism, the actress along with her boyfriend  were returning from a nightclub based club in north Goa at around 5 am when the accident took place. 

The incident occurred in the wee hours of Monday morning near Hadfade village situated in the Bardez Taluka. 

According to the India dot com report,  the 25-year-old actor was in Goa with her friend Shubham Dadge, who also died in a car accident. Reportedly, their car plunged into Baga Creek. 

The car crashed into the creek as the driver lost control over the vehicle on a narrow road near the Arpora village. The accident took place around 5 AM. Ishwari and Shubham, both died due to drowning as the car was centrally locked and fell into a creek.

“After losing control, the car crossed over to the opposite corridor and again crossed over back before falling into a small creek. The fire brigade was called around 7 am. They managed to take out the car and the dead bodies of the two,” Anjuna PI told the Indian Express 

The news about their accidental death was posted on the Instagram by an actor Abhinay Berde. The incident came as a major shock to the families of the deceased who are on their way to collect the bodies of their kins. 

The Anjuna police, under whose jurisdiction this incident took place informed the families of the deceased about the incident.  

As per the police report, the bodies and the car were fished out by the fire brigade team around 7 AM on Monday.

The actress Ishwari was the resident of Kirkatwadi in Pune, Shubham (28), lived in Nanded city area. 

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