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How To Get Onions For Rs 32/- A Kilo Through The Government?

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How To Get Onions For Rs 32
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Soaring prices of onions have caused much distress among the local population, with many raising worries over the uncontrolled prices at various vegetable outlets in the state. The state’s horticulture carts, including other local vendors, are selling onions at spiraling prices, ranging to anything between Rs 80-100 a kilo. 

The state government has decided to come in and provide some sort of relief to locals. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced that the state government would provide onions at a very subsidized cost of Rs 32 a kilo. 

So, How Does One Go About To Avail This?

The state cabinet, while announcing this relief, has stated that the onions will be made available for Rs 32 a kilo at fair price shops across the state. Also, the onions at this price will only be provided for those who are ration cardholders. The type of ration card doesn’t matter, the cabinet noted. 

Each ration cardholder will get to avail of three kilos at Rs 32 per kilo. With prices currently fluctuating to almost Rs 100/kilo at some places, this will come in as a major respite to many. 

The same will be available for the public by another week, approximately another 10 days, the CM said. Civil supplies and consumer affairs minister, Govind Gaude has stated that the government will look into to effectively make these available as soon as possible, assuring that at least by November 10, all fair price shops should get their stock to make it available for the public. 

“Today we took an important decision through the cabinet. Through the civil supply fair price shops, we will give onions at Rs 32/ kilo, three kilos per ration cardholder. Onions are very widely used and to make it available at affordable rates, the cabinet took this decision,” the minister said. 

One can avail of this at their respective fair price shops through the regular process one makes use of while availing other benefits through their ration cards. 

From Where The Government Is Getting These Onions?

The state government will be procuring these onions from the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (NAFED). A total of 1,045 metric tonnes of onion have been placed to be procured. This, according to Civil supplies minister Govind Gaude, has been calculated by keeping in mind the total number of ration cardholders in the state, multiplied by three kilos per card, he said. The onions are being procured at Rs 28,000 per metric tonne. 

With these subsidized rates, the cabinet has stated that no financial burden will be felt on the state government, as the same proposal has been made on a cost-to-cost basis. This rate of Rs 32/kilo will include transportation of Re 1 per kilo, and the fair price shops will receive a profit margin of Rs 3 per kilo.

“Fair price shops have been at the forefront of providing supplies to locals, and this will enable some profit for them too. Quality of the onions will not be compromised and all standards that are in place will be maintained,” Gaude said. 

The entire subsidized procurement of onions comes at a cost of Rs 2.92 crore.

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