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South Goa Shack Owners Unhappy Over The Delay In Demarcation Process From Tourism Department

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Beach Shacks in South Goa
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The tourism industry in the state has slowly begun picking up business, as the industry will have to completely rely on the domestic arrivals in the state. With the peak holiday season of Diwali approaching this coming month, the beach shack owners were hoping to get their set-up done to commence for the season. 

However, with delays in the process along with South Goa, concerns have been raised over the manner in which beach shacks will be able to revive themselves if they fail to begin by early November. 

Shack owners from South Goa have raised their concerns over the delay on the path of the tourism department to commence the demarcation of beach shacks along South Goa beaches, as the same has begun in North, but has failed to start off in South. 

Goa Prism had reported earlier this week that the process of demarcation of beach shacks had already begun along the beaches in North Goa, however, the same had not started in South Goa. The delay was cited as a lack of officials from the tourism department to carry out the same, as many were posted on covid related duties at the South Goa Collectorate. 

President of Shack Owners Welfare Society (SOWS), Cruz Cardozo has requested the tourism officials to commence the demarcation process immediately, citing that if the process is not done, tourists may not come to Goa. He also stated that if the process does not commence by early next week, the beach shack owners will march to the South Goa tourism department office. 

“We are ready to start the work on erecting beach shacks. In North Goa, the exercise of demarcation of the sites has begun and we expect similar exercise in the South on priority,” Cruz said. 

Stakeholders believe that Goa will see a huge inflow of domestic tourists this coming month, as with restrictions lifted, and tourism businesses up and running, many will be heading to Goa for the Diwali break. Beach shacks, most of the time, play a key role in facilitating the arrival of Goa’s tourism numbers, as many are looking to spend time along Goa’s beaches. 

Meanwhile, boat and other activity operators have not really commenced their activities despite the government allowing them to begin from October 15. They have cited low tourism numbers as a primary reason not to commence various boat trips and other dolphin cruises. 

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