The fact is many Goans and hoteliers do not want Russian tourists in Goa due to various reasons, but a severe drop in Russian tourists has to lead to a dip in the business of many hoteliers and shack owners which amounted into creating an atmosphere of tension amongst the stakeholders of the tourism industry of Goa.

According to the reports, there is a steep drop of around 50% in the Russian Tourists arrivals in the state and that has become the matter of a serious concern amongst the stakeholders of the tourism industry.

It may be recalled that there was a movement going on against the Russian tourists in some of the parts of Goa as they were creating different kind of challenges for the locals. The language was always a barrier but besides that Russians had started entering into the businesses that locals consider their bread and butter.

This lead to create a negative momentum against the Russians in Goa and locals have started revolting, there were cases of fights that took place between the local rescinders and Russians.


According to the reports, Russians had entered into the business of Hotels, Restaurants and even Taxi which made locals become more defensive. The Russians had also started their own tourist information center and stated engaging into installing the signboards in the Russian Language at the various locations in Goa.

One more thing that came into the light is the drug trade that is running in the state was brought by the Russians and the Russians were considered to be the drug peddlers.

Although there are not many pieces of evidence that will prove that Russians are behind the drug trade in Goa but they have been to the larger extent were involved into the business of drugs, said the sources.

But now the situation has become different, now the Russian charter flights have been reduced to almost 50% due to various reasons, and that has become the matter of a concern for the stakeholders of the tourism industry.


According to The Print, in 2016-17, there were 988 chartered flights and 2.32 lakh foreign visitors between April and October and in 2017-18, there was a slight dip, with the arrival of 808 chartered flights carrying 2.15 lakh foreign visitors.

In the recent article published by Incredible Goa, Pegas Touristik, a Russian tour operator which operates about 300 flights each season, has decided to discontinue its charter operations in Goa from January 12, 2019.

Joao Xavier ‘Bush’ Miranda of Cicerone Air Transport Services, an airline representative firm, said Pegas’ decision is due to the losses it suffered on its Goa account.

The rising cost of living and hefty visa charges have turned down many foreign tourists from Goa and the Russians were the major chunk amongst them, said the sources.  

The rising cost of living and hefty visa charges have turned down many foreign tourists from Goa and the Russians were the major chunk amongst them, said the sources.          

Russians and Goa have a link that goes way back to the early 60s. Goa is like a second home to all the wandering souls that come and take shelter in this state. The Russians have a significant influence in the state and it can be noticed in certain parts of Goa.


According to Goa Prism, The main reason why Russians travel to Goa is due to its enjoyable and laid back nature. The rise in the economy and availability of Charter flights that land directly to Goa are also the apparent reasons of Russians flocking to this tiny state.

It is a known fact that in terms of living and affordability, Goa is a much better place and people of Goa are the most hospitable in the world. Russians visit Goa often as tourists to attend the big music festivals and rave parties that Goa is known for.

The hidden motive as to why the Russians are attracted to these parties is due to the availability of drugs, alcohol, and sex.


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