10 Do’s & Don’ts in Goa during Monsoon!

“Pitter patters raindrops, pitter patter drops”, yes the monsoon has finally arrived in Goa. You can dance, get wet, splash in puddles, visit waterfalls and lakes, dance with your boots and umbrella and even sail those paper boats down the little stream. But wait, stop! Just as much we all love to enjoy this season, it is essential that we take thorough care. We don’t want to end up sick and weary in bed right? Thus, for safety purpose ‘Incredible Goa’ guides you on a few dos and don’ts in Goa.

1.Visiting beaches in Goa


This is the thing we are very likely to be tempted with. It’s raining and in addition, you have the lovely sea before you to swim. It is the most pleasant action to endeavour, at the same time very dangerous to indulge. You see, these beautiful ocean and seas are not all that same during the monsoon; they could throw some terrible tantrums. Not only is it too stormy, but wave currents are strong during this season. You may even witness high tides, and sometimes they could pull you in along with the currents. What’s more is that with soft wet sand now in place, you will find many tiny crabs all around. It is not only creepy, but you really don’t want to be bitten by one. Another fact is that though you may want to go in and swim there, you will definitely freeze and possibly fall ill. If you really want to enjoy the sea and rain together, it is better to sit in a shack or a restaurant near the beach while sipping some hot cocoa watching the rain and the abnormal sea. But do be careful and don’t go too close to the sea, also if you get any sign of a storm or a tempest, make sure to stay away from the sea.

2. Getting wet in the rain and visiting waterfalls.


Just rethink before you commit to doing this, rains and the sea water? Not a good option for your health. Rainwater can be fresh and we all agree to it. Thus, we love taking a stroll or intentionally getting wet in the rain. But, do you know that rainwater is also unhealthy? It spreads viral infection and you might suffer from severe cold. Also, you don’t want to witness parasites in your hair. So make sure you always carry an umbrella or cover yourself with a raincoat. Wiping your body and hair after accidentally getting wet in the rain is a must. Now when you decide to visit a waterfall during monsoon, you will be risking your life. Rocks and ground near the waterfall tend to develop moss and gets extremely slippery, so unless you want to slip and injure yourself or maybe even face death, it is necessary that you avoid visiting waterfalls from very near. No one has stopped you from visiting, but it is simply better if you view it from a distance than acting like you have never seen one before.

3. Drunk driving


Drinking is famous in Goa, but driving with the drinking is totally wrong. We already know the difficulties and road accidents that occur if you’re not in conscience. In the monsoon, this could happen more often because of the slippery roads and less control. It is advised to drink in the house or have a lemon juice and wait for the drowsiness to slip away and then go ride/drive.

4. The Fish fantasy


Goans just love having their daily diet ‘The fish curry’. One thing which is important to know for fish lovers is that the monsoon season is a breeding period for fish and prawns. The Indian government has banned fishing for 61 days – not just to protect the fish during their spawning season, but also to protect fishermen from going out in perilous weather. Now that’s a little bit confusing, right? Because there is nothing wrong with it and fish comes in plenty here. But due to the breeding season, sometimes the old storage of fish is sold out. Even if you get fresh fishes you don’t really know where it is from. Most people in the country avoid having fish during the monsoon: 1) because it is unethical and 2) because it could be unhealthy.  However, there is in no way that Goans will ignore their everyday meal, so it is important that you check with the vendor from which place the fresh fishes are transported. Also, in case of doubts, check the cloudy eye of the fish and the colour of the gills, it will be known whether it’s fresh or no.

5. Salt and rains


What is the connection here?  That’s what might come to our mind at first. The connection here is that salt and rain just don’t go along well. That doesn’t mean you can’t add salt to your food, of course, you can! it is the necessary ingredient after all. What you should really not do is eating salted Kaju nuts, salted popcorn and any other too salted food items. This is because the salt promotes water retention and it starts to make you’re your finger and some parts of your body swell. Instead of the salty food items try having more sweet and spicy. Spicy will also make your body warm and away from the cold.

6. Mosquito nuisance


Mosquitoes are a pest whether you accept it or not. It just won’t stop cooing in our ears and biting in inappropriate areas. This is a serious matter, unlike the other times we ignore these mosquitoes, during the monsoon they could be carrying infectious diseases and it is best recommended to stay away from them. Don’t leave your windows open till late night. Also, a mosquito defend tool nearby can help a lot (Mosquito Net, Coil, repellent and anti-mosquito cream).

7. Sao Joao


We have spoken about the awareness part but now is the fun part. Goa is very famous for celebrating the monsoon festival Sao Joao. It is done in order of the feast of St. John the Baptist. Families and friends have great fun with rain dance and games. You cannot swim in the ocean during rains, fine; Sao Joao gives you the well. People jump in the well and have a great time swimming. Lots of fruits are consumed during this time which is indeed healthy. However, it is advisable to stay alert with children and non-swimmers. Take care of yourself and others too, but overall enjoy the festival.

8. The Monsoon cruise


We already know how difficult it is to enjoy at a beach during monsoon. Don’t worry, there is a better option. You can have a really nice cruise ride with your family, friends and significant other. The plus points are; you get a cool breeze, the rains, and the sweet smell of the water, drinks without having to worry much dance, music and food. This is all not possible when you visit a beach, so why long to go there when you have a full in one package at the cruise. This is probably the amazing thing to do in Goa.

9. Something hot


There is never a time we hesitate to have a corn or so by the roadside during monsoon. It is safe; very safe compared to all the other activities practised during this season. You can have whatever you want from the hundreds of footstalls all over Goa. Simply have a hot beverage with some yummy pakodas, grilled sandwiches, hot corn or even a shawarma. You can take your own sweet time with your loved ones and enjoy the monsoon in Goa, with these hot bites. Moreover, it is crystal clear that you won’t have to worry much about the muck because compared to other states Goa has clean roads and cool breeze.

10. Visit spice plantation


If you are really bored sitting at home during the monsoon, get off that chair, hop in your shoes and visit some good spice plantations in Goa. It is not only fun but also educational and safe. You can still enjoy the rain even there instead of going to a waterfall or beach. Lots of amusing things exist in these spice plantations and one must visit it at least once. Savoi, Sahakari, and tropical are some of the famous plantations in Goa. So why waste your time in other things and fall sick? A picnic to this spot is good during the monsoon.

Now you have the bad and good side of Monsoon in Goa, thus enjoy according to what you feel is right for you. In case of any queries or opinions leave a comment in the box below.

Enjoy the Monsoon!

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