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How To Travel Like a Goan, When you are in Goa

Why do we travel? We travel to explore, to learn new cultures and more importantly make new memories, and not just document every move
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Why do we travel? We travel to explore, to learn new cultures and more importantly make new memories, and not just document every move we make, by clicking selfies and posting them online, on the various social media platforms we are connected to. Nowadays, people travel to feed their narcissistic self. Somewhere amidst the collision of widening global curiosity, runaway self-absorption and increasingly un-putdownable technology lurk a sense, that travel is losing its capacity to make us wonder. We often do the routine because well, it is a trend to be followed, right? Would you not like to be a trendsetter instead of a follower? Here is a guide to travel like Goan, to get a real taste of Goa for what it really has to offer. Here are some tricks & Tips specially crafted for you!!!  

1. Discover the Food Shacks instead of the pricey restaurants

You must have told yourself more than a hundred times before coming to Goa, that you will discover Goan food, and eat the authentic fish thalis. But always end up in places that are serving the sub standard and processed food.

Do not worry, sometimes your stomach may not agree with the curry, do not feel dismayed. For the meat lovers, there are different places that serve cutlet pav, such as beef, chorizso, sorpotel, vindaloo and the list is a never ending one, in and around Goa. But, do keep a balance. Do not, under any circumstances, go crazy over the food, because it can mess up your stomach.

These cutlet pavs are extremely cheap, and when you are bringing on your cutlet, right outside the grill. You can lay back, and enjoy the sceneries, it can be of the empty roads with locals walking by, in their colourful attire or the endless green fields. And if you are lucky enough, you will see the sunset, and with that sunset, you will be resurrected, as a Goan.

2. Visit the villages & Hinterlands or plan your trip accordingly to the feast days instead, of the nightclubs and bars.


The tourists just talk about is how cheap the liquor is available in the state, but they completely forget to appreciate the rich culture and heritage that our state has. The first thing that comes to anybody’s mind when they think about Goa, is the nightlife. But, are completely unaware of the beautiful Portuguese houses and the villages (Goa’s Hinterlands), that offer so much more knowledge and insight about Goa. That is pleasing to the eyes and of course, they will brighten your heart and open your soul to be a true Goan.

Ditch the routine of going to expensive hotels, and malls, that are available in almost every state, instead; go to the Friday Mapusa Market; to get the bohemian look we talked about in This Article. Or, just go visit the museums, let your eyes and ears be blessed with something more than sounds made by a console. The scene has been seen for too long now, explore beyond to get to the unseen and unheard.

3. Ditch the tour bus and walk around


There is no shame in admitting that you like to move around the city by walking around. If you are the kind of person who is interested in learning about the culture and heritage more deeply, then WALK, and Ditch the bus tour.

You might have seen many foreigners walk around in the town, why you think they do that? It is very simple, they want to explore the places and feel it at the same time.

There are upsides to the bus tour: The guides can be amazingly knowledgeable and you’ll learn a lot, but the major downside is that you’ll miss out on handling any transactions on your own. No matter where you are, it may be near the Vasco airport or you may have just hopped out of the train or buses( please do go to the hotel, to freshen up, before you plan on becoming Forrest Gump) look closely and you will find people doing mundane things, but there is always something disparate happening, we are called susegad Goans, but once you become a part of the crowd to experience Goa, for what it really has to offer.

From the fish markets where the fisher lady screams “nuste zai go.” repeatedly, to when you see buses stopping in the middle of the way, to take in the old lady who had been walking wearily by the road. Here in Goa, we believe strongly in togetherness. Do not worry, if you get lost, our only advice to you would be, is to travel light and make sure you have a conversation with every local you see sitting vacant. 90% of the times, the people will converse with you.(what is life without taking some risks?)


There will be times you might get lost, but try and avoid getting totally lost. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly, and have forgotten the directions completely, just try and remember the name where your lodging is situated, and just keep asking the locals, do not worry, ‘Help will always be given in Goa to those who ask for it.’ by the end of the trip you will travel back to your place, with the tan as a souvenir.

Do you have any recommendations on how to become a Goan? What is that something, that catches your eyes about Goa the most?

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