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India’s Second-longest Cable Stayed Bridge Completed Under The Leadership of Dr Pramod Sawant

Explore the engineering feat of the New Zuari Bridge, Goa's iconic link between north and south, symbolizing progress and seamless connectivity. Discover how this
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Dr Pramod Sawant
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In a remarkable display of engineering prowess, the newly inaugurated Zuari Bridge, also known as the Manohar Setu, stands as a testament to determination and innovation. This architectural marvel, connecting the vibrant locales of north and south Goa, represents a triumph over adversity amid the challenging times brought by the pandemic.

Spanning a length of 640 meters (2,100 ft) and boasting eight lanes, the New Zuari Bridge emerges as the second longest cable-stayed bridge in India. Named after the majestic Zuari River, this project, steered by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), overcame setbacks caused by the pandemic-induced halts in construction, showcasing resilience and unwavering commitment to completion.

Under the patronage of Shri Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways in the Government of India, the inaugural phase of the bridge was opened to the public last year. His steadfast assurance of completing the second phase within a year was not just a promise, but a commitment realized. Recently, the second phase was unveiled, seamlessly connecting both ends of Goa, ensuring smooth and efficient passage for travellers and commuters alike.

This architectural gem not only symbolizes connectivity but also represents a testament to the relentless dedication of those involved in its creation. The Zuari Bridge stands as a modern marvel, a fusion of functionality and grace, enhancing the journey and experiences of all who traverse its lanes.

The ambitious vision behind the inception of the New Zuari Bridge owes its genesis to the forward-thinking leadership of Dr. Pramod Sawant, the vibrant and youthful Chief Minister of Goa. His visionary approach, supported by the stalwart guidance of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, laid the foundation for this monumental project. Notably, the invaluable contribution of Shri Nitin Gadkari ji played a pivotal role in transforming this vision into a reality, culminating in the creation of Goa’s longest cable-stayed bridge and India’s second longest.

Under Dr. Pramod Sawant’s stewardship, the Goa government has pursued an unwavering commitment to accelerate the state’s comprehensive development. Strategic investments in vital infrastructural elements such as highways, bridges, and flyovers have been a hallmark of his administration’s approach. Among these endeavours, the New Zuari Bridge stands as a towering testament—an emblematic symbol of progress and modernity in the heart of Goa.

The bridge, representing one of the state’s most significant and financially intensive projects, underscores the government’s resolute dedication to fortifying Goa’s infrastructure. Dr. Pramod Sawant’s administration has relentlessly pursued initiatives aimed at fostering connectivity and enhancing the quality of life for Goa’s residents and visitors alike.

Before the construction of the New Zuari Bridge, the older bridge was the primary link between North and South Goa. However, due to increasing traffic congestion and the need for better connectivity, the dilapidated condition of the old Zuari Bridge was creating a threat to the lives of commuters leading to the construction of a new, wider, and more modern bridge.

The New Zuari Bridge is cable-stayed, a striking engineering marvel that provides a smoother and faster passage for vehicles travelling between the northern and southern parts of Goa. It’s around 5.1 kilometres long and has six lanes, significantly easing the traffic congestion that was a frequent issue on the older bridge.

The construction of the Atal Setu was a significant undertaking, involving detailed planning and execution. It aimed not only to improve transportation but also to enhance the overall infrastructure and connectivity in the region. The bridge’s inauguration marked a new era of improved travel and convenience for the people of Goa and visitors alike.

With its modern design, increased capacity, and improved connectivity, the New Zuari Bridge stands as a symbol of progress and development in the state of Goa, playing a vital role in facilitating smoother transportation and boosting economic activities between the northern and southern regions.

The commissioning of the New Zuari Bridge under the leadership of Dr. Pramod Sawant signifies a remarkable step forward in infrastructure development for Goa. The bridge’s completion highlights the government’s commitment to fostering progress and connectivity within the state.

The bridge’s impact on commuting is indeed substantial, significantly reducing travel time and making the journey smoother for both locals and tourists. Improved connectivity between the northern and southern parts of Goa will not only benefit residents but also attract more visitors. Tourists often appreciate efficient transportation options, and the New Zuari Bridge’s modern design and enhanced connectivity could make it an iconic spot within the state.

Additionally, the bridge’s accessibility and scenic views could draw attention from influencers and travellers, further boosting its popularity. As a result, it has the potential to become a significant tourism attraction, showcasing not just infrastructure but also the beauty of the surrounding area.

The government’s dedication to such developmental projects not only enhances convenience but also contributes to Goa’s overall economic growth by promoting tourism and facilitating smoother transportation for goods and services across regions.

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