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Aryan is a very well known name in Goa. He started his career with BIG FM radio as an RJ (Radio Jockey) in 2007
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Aryan is a very well known name in Goa. He started his career with BIG FM radio as an RJ (Radio Jockey) in 2007 and slowly went to become a TV artist and Goan film star. Highly attractive looking personality with the height of around 6ft and very powerful voice made Aryan a perfect choice for the Goan filmmakers. The talent runs in Aryans blood. All his family members are connected with the various fields of art. No doubt that Aryan has fetched all those in his genes. We say that an artist is the one who has born with the qualities and in the case of Aryan this fits well.

According to Aryan, he is the born artist. “Yes, I am a born artist. I remember when I was a kid I used to think whole day long that one day I will get into the films. Since I was very close to my grandma I used to share my aspirations with her,” said Aryan. Although Aryan has the gut feeling that, one day he will land up in the film industry, but the road to his dream was not easy. Meanwhile, Just like any other parents, his parents also wanted to him to select one of the three streams, Arts, Commence or Science, keeping the science as the top most priority his parents managed to push him through the field of science.

Being an obedient kid Aryan had to listen to his parents. “I took up science and got first class in SSC with Science as a major scoring subject. My father told me to enroll into the science stream, and I had no other options but to obey my father. I did my graduation in science and passed out from college with the certificate of BSc (Bachelor of Science). But let me tell you that I never had an interest in science,” said Aryan.

Aryan started taking parts I the cultural activities while in college to fulfill his dream of getting into the film line. He started with singing. According to Aryan, he started learning the notes while he was hardly seven years old. “Afterward, when I started performing, I realized that I could sing. People started telling me that I am good in singing why don’t you get into the field of singing instead. I remember that I used to sing classical notes with ease,” he narrated.

After realizing his potential in the singing field, Aryan decided to set up his band, and he did it. “I started with my band along with Ashwini Jambavlekar in 1997. Ashwini is a classical vocal artist from Goa. I was small at that time. That band was known as “Gandha Chandanacha”. We used to add mix song like Hindi and Marathi too in it. We did a lot of shows in Goa, and we got excellent response from Goans,” he said.

Aryan Khedekar 2

Just like many other struggles, Aryan had a real long journey before he could reach where he is today. Following the earlier band Aryan went and formed his separate band in short time keeping his identity unique. This new group he named as “Nachu Gau Sura sange” that was typical Marathi band. This new group went on a couple of years till he came up with the idea of setting up his own professional Gazal Singing Show. “I used to perform in the Hotels at that time. I was still very young then,” he said.

Aryan did not neglect his studies while doing all the shows but he maintained the proper balance between the both. During that time, Aryan came in touch with Mr. Kerkar from Ponda. “Kerkar approached me in 2001 with the proposal of acting in his Drama. The name of the play was “Niro” and I was offered a lead role. We got first prize for it, and I got the best actor award for my role in it. That was the first time I realized that I could also act. That’s how my acting career started,” narrated Aryan.

Then the trend continued. In the following year, Aryan acted in one more play “Agnivarsha” followed by that he also acted in one Goan Telefilm directed by Ramesh Dev, a famous Marathi movie star of the 70s. The name of telefilm was “Goa Ka Swatantrata Sangram” “I just played a small role in it. Then I did one Konkani film called “Kuwade”. That was in 2003,” he said.

Although Aryan did various big and small roles in the films, his real break came when he got the role in full featured film “Sakshi” in 2005. It was Marathi film directed by Aamar Sawant. “According to me, that was my actual entry into the films.  It was my first feature film. I played a lead role in it, and the movie was shot in Kolhapur. It was full one-month schedule outdoor,” narrated Aryan.

During that time somewhere in 2007 first full-time radio FM entered in Goa Big FM, by Reliance. “I was the first person to go on air from this station,” he said with delight. Aryan joined big FM in 2007, and he is still there for nearly nine years now entertaining the people of Goa.  “That was a time I thought I could go into any of these fields, and I could do it wholeheartedly, and this is the field made for me. Then I started doing a lot of comparing, hosting the shows and radio was a part of it,” he added.

In 2009, Aryan did “Jagor” a Konkani film that went for national awards. It was followed by “O’ Maria” directed by Rajendra Talak. “After that, I did “Suring” followed by “Prem at first sight” then “Rainy Day”. After that, he did two Konkani block buster’s that gave him a real recognition “Home Sweet Home – I” and Home Sweet Home – II”. Before home sweet home, Aryan did many movies, but the home sweet home series gave Aryan the chance to display his talent and it was commercially most successful.  “I have recently finished one film called “Martins”. It’s not released yet.  I’ll be doing one more film in October in which I will be seen in leading role. In this movie, I will be portraying the positive role. Otherwise, almost all of my roles are negative,” said Aryan.

According to Aryan, he received many offers coming to him from Bombay, but he declined all of them since he always wanted to be in Goa and work in Goa. “I always wanted to do something for Goa and Goans,” he said giving the references of   Hema sardessai and all those artists from Goa went to Bombay but they couldn’t give anything back to Goa.  “So I feel that I should do something for Goa and our audience. We are trying set up the film industry in Goa wherein the local youths can come into this field,” he added.

Aryan Khedekar 3

While working for the radio Big FM and doing multiple movies Aryan started his Television show on Prudent Media “Chal Pasayek Ya” (Let’s go for a Round) “I did 29 episodes of the serial along with the co-host and my co-star from movie “Sakshi” Samiksha Naik. I had scripted and directed that show.

The concept behind the show was simple, as and when people speak about Goa they only talk about the beaches and cuisine of Goa. But this show was about the hinterlands of Goa. The untapped Goa was featured in this show. There are lots of places in Goa where people have not been as yet. And that show was a huge success that time. I am presently trying to come up with something like that which will be entirely on the national level show for Goans.

Just like any other struggling actors, Aryan also went for many auditions. “I feel that regardless of how many movies one has acted in if you need good opportunity, you must go to all the auditions that happen as you are not aware which role will come on your way that will lead to change your entire career graph. I still go for auditions, and I feel that every artist needs to give an audition. It doesn’t strike to the director that AAryan can do this character in their film but when I give auditions it’s like yea, he is the one I am looking for. Camera hunts for it. It’s not me. The camera looks for it. So I believe in auditions.” He said.

Although I go for auditions, I also decide which role to accept and what to reject. I am very particular about it. When I take any project, I always prefer to listen to the script of that film. One more thing which I would like to mention here and that is, when I take up any film, I ask for minimum seven scenes as according to me you tend to get registered in the people’s mind through your film. If there are only one or two scenes then it needs to be powerful enough, and it should give weight to your character, and your character should bring in some twist to the story.

According to Aryan, now he wants to act in the Marathi movies made by the Marathi film industry. “Marathi film industry is growing at a very rapid pace,” he said giving the example of a new movie called “Sairat” which according to him doing very well. Aryan is having the plans of getting into the production while acting simultaneously. “I want to make the Marathi films with my production. I also have a script in my mind, and I am working on it,” he said.

Aryan also has the aspirations of doing something on the national channel.  “Actually, I am crazy about traveling, and hence, I want to do something related to travel it may be a documentary on national television or may be something like TLC, Fox traveler those channels attracts me a lot. So I like more of lifestyle and traveling channels. It may take some time, but I will surely do it,” he said.

Aryan Khedekar big fm radio

According to Aryan, Goan film industry in changing now and it has started giving some excellent films to the audience. “Films like Nachom-ia Kumpasar” and “Home Sweet Home” have changed the way Konkani films were made. Today people are paying 150 – 200 and going to the theater to watch movies.  What I feel is, we work 8hrs a day and at 9th hr, we need some entertainment.  Bollywood is also now working on the same thing comedy, masti, entertainment, masala, fun, and it works.  When I was discussing the film with Swapnil, I only suggested him that how people will enjoy the movie, how we can add more masala to it like by putting more negative characters, use glamor, use fun elements, use comedy scenes, Item songs whatever we can put in,” he said.

According to Aryan, the producers and directors from outside have now started getting attracted at the Konkani Film Industry.  “Last year I think we made around 7 to 8 films, and I feel that it may increase to 12 and more films this year. There are lots of producers now. Secondly, the government is also supporting us I don’t know how far it’s active now but yeah there are a lot of schemes for filmmakers. Now even the Konkani Goan Film Awards are in the pipeline.  Last year I got best supporting actor for “O Maria”. This year I don’t know. Let’s see. That will give a lot of boost to the goan artists,” he said.

Aryan feels that there is a great future for the Konkani films, and everyone should support it. As an audience, you must go and watch the Konkani films that will contribute to the production while the aspiring actors should also work hard to give good films to the audience.  Actors have to work hard. They should not expect to get the fame in one film. With just one film you could not judge the persons acting capabilities. You need to give your 100%. The film is not only about the actor and director it is also about so many other things. When we make a film many people are involved into it to the making of a good film.  If you are serious to get into any of this line, give it a serious try. You just cannot take it as a time pass.

Aryan Khedekar Movie Home Sweet Home

“If you feel you are not severe enough let others get a chance. We are falling short of Artist today in Goa. As the person doing one character well won’t be able to justify if given other character. So what we have decided now is that we will come up with an agency wherein people can come together and enroll not only the actors but even the choreographers, makeup man, stunts man, etc. let them at least grow and then they can think of it as a career,” he added.

Aryan said that he does believe in the luck factor since according to him the Bollywood industry works on that. With good luck and strong background success always knocks on your doors.   If you have any godfather in this, it always helps you out to reach to that height more easily. There is this lobby in Bollywood Marathi and Hindi also. They will not allow you unless and until you know somebody, or you are the relative of somebody already known from these industries. It’s like you don’t become a star and then go to Bollywood first you need to get into it, and then you become a star and according to Aryan that one chance of getting in is very hard.

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