Incredible Goa April 2020 Issue on COVID-19 & Goa

Hi, here is the April 2020 issue of the Incredible Goa Magazine, this is a special issue on COVID-19 and Goa. In reality, Goa was least affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic as far as the spreading of infection in the people is concerned, but since Goa is a tourism hub in India it had got affected the most due to huge loss of the business. The cover story of this issue will put more light on the future of the tourism industry in Goa.

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has changed the way of life for people across the globe. It has dramatically affected the way we live, socialise, and do our business.  This is perhaps the first pandemic that has virtually shut the whole planet down.  The world was not prepared for this pandemic, and it’s made us realise that all our power and money have absolutely no value.  What is the point of life, when we cannot come out of our house and interact with people?

According to tourism industry specialists, business activities in this sector may not resume again until next season, and this is also dependent on how other countries deal with the virus.  Goa has many resorts of various sizes, where hundreds of thousands of people work, and it’s a real possibility that most of them may lose their jobs if operations are not resumed quickly.

As Goa has no active cases of Coronavirus, the business will commence post-lockdown, but likely facilitated by keeping the state borders sealed.  However, Goa depends on Maharashtra and Karnataka for many essentials, and resuming business internally may not help the majority of people, who are dependent on supplies from these neighbouring states.    


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