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Over 100 Mobile Phones Stolen from Music Lovers attending Sunburn Festival at Vagator in North Goa

With over 100 mobile phones stolen from the visitors at Sunburn Klassique EDM Event going on at Vagator in North Goa, it’s not the
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With over 100 mobile phones stolen from the visitors at Sunburn Klassique EDM Event going on at Vagator in North Goa, it’s not the music alone, but the thieves Steal the Show this year. The Sunburn music festival this year began with the negative vibe due to the death of two Andhra Tourists who collapsed at the venue on the first day of the festival and now the news of Mobile phone theft inside the festival venue have made the things worst. 

It may be recalled that on the first day of EDM Festival which began on the negative note with the mysterious death of two tourists from Andhra Pradesh who collapsed at the venue and later died. The involvement of drugs suspected and police made several arrangements including the deployment of trained sniffer dogs for the drug detention.

According to the report published in the local daily The Goan, the Anjuna police was flooded with the music lovers attending the Sunburn Klassique with the complaints of missing mobile phones.

The sources revealed that more than 100 people have reported about the stolen mobile phones inside the Sunburn Venue. The EDM festival that ended at around 10 PM on Friday cumulated into the commotion as several visitors realised that their mobile phones had gone missing inside the venue.

The visitors then rushed to the nearby Anjuna Police station to lodge the complaint of stolen mobile phones. Despite the complaints on Friday, the police seem to have hardly taken any cognisance of the same and the trend continued on Saturday with more complaints of stolen mobile phones at the Sunburn venue.

Police Sniffer Dogs at Sunburn

According to the reports. the majority of complainants are Indian tourists and many of the phones are reported to be premium and high-end. The theft took place even though the organisers of the Sunburn EDM had undertaken security measures at the venue, while police teams were also stationed at the event.

The sources at the Anjuna police have divulged that this year the numbers are much less compared to the previous year during the Sunburn event in Goa. Meanwhile, the Anjuna police have erected banners at various places in a bid to caution people and to create public awareness on phone-snatching incidents in the area.

The Theft Could have been Prevented?

This year Sunburn Organisers had boasted of special security arrangements to prevent the drug and other related incidents but just like the previous years, they failed to walk the talk. With the death of two tourists on the first day of the festival and later mobile phone robberies inside the venue for continuous two days proved that organisers might have not taken any proper measures to handle the situation.    

The question here whether the mobile robberies could have been prevented? the answer is ‘YES’ it could have easily prevented if the organisers along with the Goa Police have taken proper measures such as keeping vigil at the vulnerable spots, checking every guest while entering or going out of the venue and finally by installing the CCTV cameras inside the venue. What are your views on this? Please do share your thoughts on this article in the comments box below.       

Source of Image: Festive Mantra 

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