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70 Percent Workers in Goa are outsiders as Locals don’t want to Work

Seventy per cent outsiders are working in the various industries in Goa as Goans are either not keen working in the factories or many
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Seventy per cent outsiders are working in the various industries in Goa as Goans are either not keen working in the factories or many of them does not have the required skills, besides the demands of higher pay scales. This is the sad and bitter truth that most of the people will agree. The factories in Goa outsource the employees (skilled/unskilled labours ) from the outside Goa and the reason behind this is Locals do not want to work in the factories and other industries.

The majority of those working in industries in Goa are from outside the state as locals don’t want to do that kind of work, said Sulakshana Sawant, who is chief minister Pramod Sawant’s wife. She was speaking at the launch of the women’s North Goa forum of the Goa Livelihoods Forum.    

Woman working in a factory

“Seventy per cent of the employees of industries here are not from Goa because we (Goans) don’t want to work in factories,” Mrs Sawant said, adding that employers have no option but to bring the workforce from the outside since they only believe in flourishing their business in the state. “Who doesn’t want to flourish their business but they don’t get the required workforce in Goa.”

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In fact, she is right, most of the Goans who are skilled and educated have migrated to the foreign countries with the help of Portuguese passports. Thousands of Goans are settled down in UK, UAE, Middle East and other rich countries due to the high-income resources, and Goa’s Industry does not have the resources or capacity to provide that kind of income.     

Majority of the labour is coming from the neighbouring states like Karnataka and Maharastra since there is a huge scarcity of the people to do the menial jobs in Goa, and the demand for the same is much more compared to the skilled jobs. Thousands of labourers work on the contractions sites owned by the Goans itself, that means Goans themselves have no option but to appoint the outsiders.

There is every industry in Goa has the people working from outside, right from the Government department to the police outsiders are holding all the major posts. How many IAS officers does Goa create? almost none and the major posts of the bureaucrats are filled by the outsiders.

There is no solution to this situation unless Goans do not decide to do all sort of work and that too at the rates that outsiders are doing as the industry looks for a competitive environment. The other option for the Goans is to set up their own businesses but at the end of the day, they may have to employ the outsiders to work under them. 

Source: TOI

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