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The Adventure Sports Jumpin Heights To Resume Its Operations In Goa

Jumpin Heights, which is the main operator of extreme adventure activities like bungee jumping, flying fox, will reopen from September 2021.
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Jumpin Heights To Resume Its Operations In Goa
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Once the pandemic had started in March 2020, everyone’s life had come to a stand still. The future was uncertain. But now that cases are on a decline, more and more places are resuming business and more those who could only work in an offline environment have their jobs back. 

Now that there has been news about schools and colleges opening in various states of India, the entertainment sector has also decided to not take a back seat for this.

Jumpin Heights, which is the main operator of extreme adventure activities like bungee jumping, flying fox, will reopen their centres in Rishikesh and Goa from September 2021. 

To ensure that all precautions are followed and to ensure the safety of all who visit, Jumpin Heights has made sure that all their staff members are fully vaccinated from the Covid-19 virus. 

While in Rishikesh, they are just resuming operations, the company has actually given a new look to their Bungy Tower in Goa. With the amount of tourists that is expected at this place, it will be the next tourist destination in Goa.

“With states practicing phased reopenings, travel is only going to mirror the process. However, in the wake of Covid-19, travellers are, undoubtedly, need to be careful and cautious about the way they travel while choosing services that practise hygiene and take extreme measures for their safety, while, simultaneously, maintaining the authenticity of their experience. We feel that we now have the chance to establish change. We are all set to open our doors,” said Rahul Nigam, Managing Director & Founder, Jumpin Heights.

To ensure this, the company will follow certain SOP such as – installation of anti-COVID preventive equipment in the premises, such as masks, sanitisers, mask disposal mechanisms, mandatory temperature and oximeter checks of the crew, staff and jumpers upon entry, discontinuation of handmade food items in the cafe, sticker markings for social distancing, only 2 chairs per table with a transparent acrylic sheet between the 2 occupants. 

All consignments coming into the premises will be sanitised before stocking. As such, there will be a special emphasis on COVID hygiene and sanitation. A lot more checks will be done at various points to make sure that it becomes a covid free entertainment zone.

They are all set with their Rules and Regulations to ensure a safe and fun experience for their customers. While opening such centres, safety has to be utmost priority. 

Hope you all are ready for this all new experience. Make sure you and your families are fully vaccinated before going.

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