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British Tourists Stranded in Goa without Food and Water, No Aid from UK Embassy

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The sudden lockdown leads to a chaotic condition in the state and the rest of the country. Even the local Goans had not given an opportunity to get prepared for the 21 days lockdown, consider what will be the state of the foreigner tourists who have been stranded in Goa without food and shelter. Due to closure of all the major hotels and resorts in Goa tourists had no option left but to take shelter in tents and snacks with lack of food and water said the report.

According to the report published in Times of India, There are thousand-odd individuals from Britain alone stranded in the state. After Goa, along with the rest of India, was abruptly thrown into lockdown, stranded tourists were left with no time to prepare for what is turning into a humanitarian crisis, and stranded foreigners are now left with no way to return home.

According to the report, the mismanagement worked out to be more problematic than the actual cause of the shutdown. “The chaotic lockdown in Goa, marked by volte-faces and chronic mismanagement, is now bringing the state government international shame,” stated the report.     

249 British tourists stuck in locked down Goa took a special flight to the UK

On Sunday, AC Milan goalkeeper Asmir Begovic sent out a public plea on Twitter, seeking help for a 67-year-old British national stuck in Goa. The woman, a mother of his close friend and agent, has been struggling to get her hands on even food and water, he said.

Jewel Travis, 35, who is stuck in Agonda in south Goa has nothing more than home-made bread bought from a friendly neighbor. “Initially it was announced that it would be a one-day lockdown, so many of us went and got ourselves a bag of crisps (chips) and something to drink. Six days later, our food has run out. We need food, bread, milk, and eggs,” said Travis.    

“My aunt, Anne Bailey, 71, is with me and she is stressed out and worried about her 95-year old mum back home,” said Nayar, who works with a supermarket store in the UK. “Other European countries have come in and taken their citizens out, and if you think about it, the UK has done nothing to evacuate us. I have to say that they have been very, very slow.”

Although tourists from countries like Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, and France have been rescued by their respective countries. British tourists stranded in India, With food, medicines, and money running out, feel that the UK foreign office has been unresponsive. 

British Tourist stranded in India due to Lockdown

The last relief flight that took 371 passengers from the other EU countries which left from Goa on 31st 5.30 had reached Frankfurt but the thousands of UK citizens are still stuck in India, said the sources. 

“We are in a complete lockdown with no shops open. How are we supposed to eat and survive?” asked Jessica Mialee. 

“We continue to work urgently on a plan to get you home — more information coming soon. Please be assured that if you have received an autoreply, my team is looking at your email and will respond ASAP. Please look after yourselves,” said acting British High Commissioner to India, Jan Thompson, in a statement to the stranded Brits.

Source: TOI | The Times

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