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Goa Tourism Stakeholder Demands Imposing Penalties on Tourists Creating Nuisance

The president of TTAG said that the tourism body wants only the well-behaved tourists in Goa and he demanded to penalise the tourists creating
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Goa Impose Penalties on Tourists Creating Nuisance
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If you are travelling to Goa make sure that you behave in accordance to the guidelines laid down by state government and do not create any sort of nuisance to the others or you may have to face the consequences. 

The major tourism body of Goa TTAG (Travel and Tourism Association of Goa) had demanded a penalties to be imposed on the tourists creating Nuisance in public. 

This is a general issue and Goa government had to face this every year as many tourists coming to Goa take things for granted thinking “Goa Me Sad Chalta Hai” (Any kind of behaviour is tolerated in Goa) and creates nuisance in public places such as drinking, fighting etc. 

The president of TTAG said that the tourism body wants only the well-behaved tourists in Goa and he demanded to penalise the tourists creating nuisance in the state, his statement comes on the backdrop of the tourism minister of Goa who said that Goa wants only the “rich tourists”. 

There is a need of proper planning and promotion of Goa in the national and international markets with the help of inputs from the stakeholders of the tourism industry, said the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa president Nilesh Shah adding, international or domestic tourists should maintain decency.

“We want well-behaved tourists in Goa. We don’t want tourists creating nuisance and cooking on the roadside,” he said.

According to Shah there is a need of activating the Tourist Police Force in the state and grievances needs to be addressed fast. “There is a need of tourist should also maintain the decency while traveling in the state,” he said adding, there are laws but implementation needs to be done strictly. 

He also stressed on the need of basic amenities like changing rooms and toilets for the tourists on the beaches across the state. “Goa lacks a good transport system, no basic amenities, lack of signages like “Dos and Don’ts” that needs to be put at all the important places in Goa.”  

The increase in domestic flow of tourists is a positive sign during this pandemic times and it will increase more provided Goa government also make some efforts, like standardising prices of the Covid test certificates in the state. 

“Goa state government has allocated Rs 5000 crores for the promotion of the hinterland and eco-tourism. The government needs to take the locals into the confidence while promoting the hinterland and eco-tourism,” he said. 

Goa is expecting tourism coming from all over the world, specially, from Russia, France and Portugal. “There is a need of foreign language speaking tourist guides and there is a need of a programme based on the language training,” he added. 

The TTAG president further said the State government has already constituted the Goa Tourism Board to be headed by the Chief Minister. There would be 16 members – eight from the industry and eight from the government. 

One of the functions of the Goa Tourism Board will be to develop the broad guidelines and action plan for implementation of identified initiatives in the Goa Tourism Master Plan such as marketing and promotion activities, tourism education, development of infrastructure, new tourism services through State funding and private sector participation.

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