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The Ten Most Haunted Places in Goa, That You May Never Want to Visit

Goa is known for its beauty and serenity, but not many people know that it is also famous for the most haunted places, which
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Goa is known for its beauty and serenity, but not many people know that it is also famous for the most haunted places, which will scare the life out of you. Although there are many places having its own stories, here we have featured only 10 most haunted places, which you may not like to visit while your trip to Goa, and if you still decide to visit, then please read this story before your venture into the adventure…

The references to the following article have been gathered from various sources, including the books of real ghost stories. Goa’s churches have many stories associated with them.

It may be true or just rumours, but the paranormal activities around these places have been in the news often. It does not matter if you are a tourist who is out on an adventure trip or a local resident, you need to visit these places at least once to check out facts.

The following stories of the existence of the ghosts have the references to it, and that makes them more genuine. It is said and written in many books that when the souls do not fulfil their wishes, it wanders around in search of the same, and the outcome of that is the paranormal activities. The first place we are about to describe you has something similar attached to it.

1. Three Kings Church


The church which named after the three scholar-kings, who went to visit Lord Jesus at the time of his birth in Bethlehem, is also known as Timika Cathedral a religious building belonging to the Catholic Church, located in the town of Timika in Papua province, in the East Asian country of Indonesia.

This church has many popular haunted stories which talk about the Three Portuguese Kings, who once ruled our land, and greed for power made one of them to poison and kill the other two.

As you are aware that bad deeds are attached to bad luck, something similar happened in this case too. Soon the king realized his mistake, and repented of his act, leaving him no choice but to kill himself. He soon committed suicide by consuming the poison. 

The people of the village talks about the paranormal activities taking place around the premises of the church, and no one dares to visit this place during the nighttime. Many say that the bodies of the three kings were buried under the church, and their spirits roam around the church and the village.

When you visit this place even during the daytime, you will get the vide of something is around you which you cannot see, but surely feel. So next time you want to visit this place, please let us know what was your experience.

2. D’Mello House


In Goa not only the holy places like church are haunted, but there many big old Portuguese houses also come in the list of haunted places in Goa, and one such place is known as D’mello House, which is situated in south Goa.

The story behind the Demello house is no different from that of the Three Kings Church. According to the people of the village, this place is cursed as one bother killed another by giving him poison over the property dispute.     

In the due course of time he also died and now the house remains as no-ones property, and it has been labelled as the haunted house. Sources say that this house is possessed by ghosts, and during the nighttime, the sound of screaming emanates from the house.

There are many more paranormal activities which take place here like the sound of throwing something or breaking windows happens regularly. Nobody is ready to buy the house for its haunted reputation.

If you wish to visit this place, please check out the google map, and visit at your own risk as the entire structure of the house is in the dilapidated condition, and anything may come down crashing at any moment. There are many stories on the net about this house and some people have also uploaded the videos to Youtube.

3. Janki Bandh


Janki Bandh is a  small bridge built by the Portuguese, and it connects the Navelim with Dharmapur in south Goa. This place has come into the list of haunted places due to the number of accidents had taken place here with no visible reasons.

One of the biggest accident that made this place haunted was when the busload of children went off the bridge. The general belief was that the accident was caused due to the driver’s fault. All the passengers including children died in this accident.

The people from this locality feels that the souls of the little children, who were in the bus during that fateful day, creates the paranormal activities in the vicinity, and one can often hear the shrieks and wails of children crying for help, While there is no one around to be found. It usually happens during the night-time.


If you are driving or riding across Navelim from Dharmapur, or vis-a-versa, you may hear the unusual sounds at this place, and Goa is being the party place, several revellers can be spotted riding in the middle of the night, from one end to other. If you too get an opportunity to hear something unusual, please do not forget to share the same with us.

4. Saligao Village


Saligao, situated in the north Goa which connects the capital city of Panaji to the nightlife hotspot Calangute. This one of the most beautiful and those quaint villages that isn’t on Goa’s tourist map. You will seldom find tourists flocking here and the life of the locals is as relaxed as it gets.

However, there is a banyan tree in the village that makes things uncomfortable for them thanks to the haunted tale attached to it. The tree is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman called Christalina who once lived here.

People avoid taking this route at night as according to an old story, lurking around this banyan tree at night can be dangerous. The spirit of Christalina can possess you as she did years ago.

According to the story, Padre, a missionary once took this route at night and did not return. He was later found unconscious near the banyan tree. When locals took him to the doctor, he remained speechless for four days and later started speaking in Konkani in a female’s voice. He also uttered Christalina’s name several times.

It was concluded that he was possessed by her spirit and even had scratches and blood on his body. Since then, the haunted story has been passed on from one generation to the other and people avoid going near the tree at night.

If you are travelling from Calangute to Panaji, you will have to cross these villages since it is the only way connecting the Calangute to Panaji and if at all you find anything unusual during your visit to this village please do let us know about the same.

5. Rachol Seminary Arch


The Rachol Seminary Arch is a gate of the Rachol Fort, and it is also known as Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol. The Rachol Seminary Arch is another haunted place of Goa. There are rumours about this place in the various media which claims that this place is haunted and that a sentinel spirit walks to and fro under the arch on special days, denying admission to any person that it deems unworthy. In fact, this is not something new, the ghost has been around since the Portuguese era. 

Although there are not many stories about paranormal activities in this place but since this area remains isolated most of the time, various rumours have been spread by the miscreants about the ghost stories and paranormal activities.

6. The Ghost Hotel in Agonda


The Ghost hotel situated in Agonda sough Goa, is an abandoned hotel property was built by a Russian tourist, but due to several legal complications it never reached to its completion, and in the due course of time it turned into the ruins.

The Hotel which was named as Sina Hotel was supposed to be one of the biggest five-star hotels in that locality but construction had stopped in the middle around 25 years ago. 

There are various stories about the reason behind the hotel remaining in this condition, but the story that connects to the paranormal activities is, the death of one of the owners of this hotel, it seems he was murdered and the construction was stopped. People of the village claim that the soul of that person still roams around in that property    

7. Borim Bridge


The Borim bridge which was built by the Portuguese to connect the north Goa from Ponda to south Goa Margao, but during the Indian Military operations, this bridge was destroyed by the Portuguese soldiers to hold the Indian Military from entering into the village. There are numerous stories connected to bridge such as the forced sacrifice of children during the construction of this bridge.

There are several dozens of stories about the paranormal activities taking place on this bridge and many of them are true. If you talk to the villagers, they will tell you the numerous ghost tales connected to this bridge. According to one Swapnil Tari, who posted his own experience on a blog called Paranormal Activities, claims that he had seen the ghost on this bridge.

According to him, he was travelling from Margao to Ponda via Borim Bridge and while their car reached on the bridge they saw a lady sitting in the middle of the road and crying. Sensing the danger they did not dare to come out of the car and kept watching whatever is happening outside.

According to him, they saw the lady started running across the road and Suddenly she stopped in the middle of the road and started crying loudly. After some time she suddenly jumped off the bridge. This time they all came out of the car and went to see what happened to her, but to their surprise, there was no sign of that lady.

There was no sound of water or sound of someone drowning in it. They found this situation very strange and came back to their car, and the moment they crossed the bridge, they saw the same lady sitting behind in the car and crying without making any sound. 

This tale is sufficient enough to give you the idea of ghost activities existing on the Borim Bridge. If anyone of you also had such experience on this bridge, please do share with us in your comments below.

8. NH 17 Mumbai – Goa Highway


We have already seen the church, fort, bridges and more places haunted by the ghosts and now let us take a look at the highway, not any other highway, but the famous NH 17 (Goa – Mumbai Highway), which is one of the most dangerous places amongst all of them.

There are hundreds of accidents takes place on this road on regular basis. There are rumours that lair of witches roams around on the highway in a search of dead meat, and hence the locals in the locality advice to not carry any non-vegetarian food along with you while travelling on this highway.

However, many non-vegetarians regard this theory as an attempt by vegetarians to make the people stop eating non-veg food entirely.     

According to one of the famous incidents that people talk about is of a couple driving to Goa. Post midnight, the headlights started flickering and something seemed to be wrong with the car. The couple managed to safely stop the car at the corner of the highway and they stepped out to check what was wrong with the car.

Just about a few minutes after they stepped out of the car, all the doors of the car got locked automatically. Despite trying for quite some time, the couple was unable to unlock the car.

while they were helplessly standing on the road, black smoke started coming out of the car and suddenly the doors got unlocked. Just when the husband got into the car and noticed that none of their food was to be found, he heard his wife scream. He stepped out once again only to see scratch marks on her face. The two of them failed to understand how it happened.      

They quickly drove off and reached their destination safely. It was much later that they heard the story and recollected that they were carrying non-vegetarian food. These witches are believed to be lingering around the highway for decades now and the locals think it is wise not to mess with them. If you have ever travelled on the NH 17 to Goa from Mumbai, we are sure that you will also have some stories to narrate here..

9.  Baytakhol


The area falls between the Dhavali and is Borim known as Baytakhol, and it is very famous for the several paranormal activities and accidents. The people of this village say that the Ghost of an infant has been often seen around this area. There are stories of girls seen standing in the middle of the road and screaming loudly.

The villagers narrate most of the people hear the screaming sound of the girls, but when they look back, they find nothing but the empty road. Due to such paranormal activities, many accidents have taken place on this road, and many of them have died.

According to the sources, the people get distracted by the loud screaming sound and they lose their balance thus meet with an accident.

There are stories of paranormal ladies suddenly crossing the road and in front of their vehicles, and their blood-chilling laughs etc. Another girl’s spirit is reported to haunt there. The girl’s piercing crying make the driver lose the control over their vehicle. But the girl appears so suddenly that if they survive don’t remember exactly when she came.

Have you ever been on this road during the day or night? have you experienced any such activities? Please do share with us in your comments.

10. Igorchem Bandh 


As you have seen above that the rest of the places have paranormal activities during the nighttime, but this place has the Ghost activity during the daytime. This place situated in south Goa in a beautiful village called ‘Raia’. This place is filled up with the ghost stories and paranormal activities.

According to the villagers’ lots of spirits roaming there for a long time. Their presence is so strong that during the day also they attack human. Just behind the church of Our Lady of Snows, passing in the afternoon known as the most dangerous because of them. 

According to local folklore, evil spirits always look for a man with low self-control. They can target to possess them. After being possessed by evil spirits, they are found talking indescribable tongue of the ghost. Their eyes become red and the colour of the body turns into pale. Evil sucks blood from their bodies.

The villagers also claim that if someone were to walk on the road between 2 pm and 3 pm, you are likely to be possessed by an evil spirit. How scary is that!!! I am sure after reading this, people would think twice before taking a walk on that road.

That’s all folks, we have tried our best to provide you with the best information possible about the Ghost stories and Haunted places existing in Goa. These are some of the most haunted places in the state, but there are many more places, which even we are not aware of, and we rest on the readers to make us aware of the same.

Soon we will come back to you with some more interesting stories about the Incredible Goa. Meanwhile, please leave your valuable comments and suggestions on these Ghost stories…



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