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Don’t Let COVID Stop You From Celebrating Christmas!

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Celebrating Christmas During Covid
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As we’re all aware, Christmas is the festival we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and that’s not it, it is the season of sharing joy and happiness with your loved ones together and ending the year on a positive note. Speaking of togetherness, we’re amidst a pandemic and the bar of cases is dancing up and down. Definitely, a lot has changed this year and so will the way of celebrating Christmas but will the excitement and happiness change? NOT AT ALL!

Some of your party outdoors with your friends, this Christmas is a chance for you to sit home and enjoy the chills of the season with your family. Those who call your friends and family from across the town, don’t let COVID stop you this time either. Living in the 21st century, technology has a huge reach and has made meeting your loved ones who live miles away easier. 

Video call your far-away relatives and friends and give them compliments of the season. Remember, many have lost their loved ones this year, you are blessed to have yours around. Don’t whine about not having them in the same room, appreciate that they are still with you. 

Christmas is incomplete without loads of shopping, not only for yourself but also for the house. Due to the pandemic, stepping into malls and stores can be very risky until you consider the precautions to keep you and people around you safe, that is; wearing a mask and maintaining distance. 

Precautions won’t keep you safe 100% but will surely reduce the chances of you getting the virus. You can also sit at home and shop as much as want and whatever you like. We aren’t short of online shopping apps, are we? From groceries to decorations to clothes and whatnot, we can have it all sitting at home. This gives you 100% surety, you won’t be a victim to the virus.

This pandemic has compelled us to sit indoors. We have spent months sitting home. For many, this has taken a toll on their mental health. But this is the time to open up and engage yourself with Christmas preparations. This is the season of happiness and joy, don’t let sorrow take control. The best time to watch Christmas movies is during the Christmas season itself, plan a Christmas movie marathon with some hot chocolate.

What is Christmas without baked goodies! Awaken the baker in you and start baking. Decorating the house for the season is not a piece of cake, you need many hands working. Get along with your family and decorate your house, make ornaments for your Xmas tree while you have a good laugh with your family members.

The pandemic has affected businesses on a large scale, especially small businesses. Support local businesses, purchasing the goods they have to offer. You might not only use their products to celebrate Christmas for yourself but might help them to celebrate the eve as well! 

Be someone’s secret Santa. It is true, you feel good by making someone smile. It is the season of spreading happiness. Mail your friends and family gifts. Send different goodies at orphanages and old age homes. You can’t call your neighbors over, to welcome them with your warm wishes and the delicacies you’ve prepared but there’s a solution to it too, leave the food and wishes in a card at their doorstep. Y’all can share virtual hugs. Feed the stray animals, we know COVID isn’t transmitted by animals. Hence, you can freely celebrate the eve with stray animals as well.

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. The pandemic has twisted everything upside-down. But it can’t stop us from celebrating our festivals. There are different ways by which we can safely celebrate Christmas. We need to keep in mind that the year is ending but not the pandemic. In some places, the situation is getting better and in some places, it’s getting worse. 

We need to play safe as much as possible to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. We can get rid of the pandemic if we abide by the rules. Hence, take precautions and find different ways to enjoy this Christmas indoors with your family, and don’t forget to sing your favorite carols!     

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels 

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