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Nehru Stadium Prepares for National Games Opening: Detailed Inspections and Precautions Underway in Goa

With the National Games set to begin at Nehru Stadium in Goa, authorities are leaving no stone unturned in preparations. Detailed inspections, including the
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Govind Gaude
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With just five days until Prime Minister Narendra Modi opens the National Games at the Nehru Stadium, the authorities are not leaving anything to chance. They are working on minute details, such as clearing black spots for stray dogs and cattle, beehives and snakes, and other things, in addition to hot mixing roads and general security for the VIPs.

The district authorities have delegated duties for several departments to be implemented in advance of the inaugural event, issuing instructions for different authorities. Consider the Margao Municipal Council as an example. It is the Chief Officer’s responsibility to remove the black stains from the sections of the VVIP route. Consider the Margao Municipal Council as an example. It is the Chief Officer’s responsibility to remove the black stains from the sections of the VVIP route. The MMC Chief Officer has been instructed to regularly dispose of the trash in and around the stadium as well as the VVIP path.

Nor is that all. The MMC Chief Officer is also instructed to take action to stop stray cattle and dogs from entering the venue areas by working with the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services as well as non-governmental organizations. Additionally, instructions have been given to start fogging far in advance of the event and to fog both the day of the event and the day before.

Two beehives have reportedly already been dismantled, and more have reportedly been found outside the stadium; these will be taken down with assistance from the fire department, according to information provided by a range forest officer. It is thought that a rescuer investigated the area to determine whether any snakes were present.The forest officer has noted that large birds, known as Brahminy Kites, have been spotted inside the stadium; it is thought that the flies have drawn them in.

ACF instructed to conduct daily stadium inspections

In light of this, the ACF, Forest, has been instructed to regularly monitor the stadium’s grounds and to send out staff to remove any snakes or beehives that may be visible in the venue’s environs. The ACF has also instructed actions to be taken in order to stop large birds, or Brahminy Kites, from entering the stadium’s grounds.

Regarding stray dog management, the MMC Chief Officer has advised that canines may be crated at the city’s dog sterilization camp while the VVIP is visiting.

Additionally, it was informed that in order to manage street dogs, the Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services should work with the CO office and stadium officials in coordination. It was proposed that a vehicle for catching dogs will be allotted.

Stores near Nehru Stadium will be closed for six hours.  

Directions have been given for the temporary closure of stores in the immediate neighbourhood of the stadium, which is adjacent to SGPDA Market Complex, for a half-day on October 26 from 2 pm to 9 pm in order to restrict people’s movement on the day the VVIPs will travel from the airport to the Nehru stadium.

It has been suggested that the INOX theater management, which is housed within the SGPDA complex, take note of the VIP visit and limit the number of reservations for the day on October 26 from 2 pm to 10 pm.

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