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Top 5 Reasons to fall in Love with Goa

When it comes to traveling, we look for so many things: The location, prices and the attractions to visit and so on. Travelling has
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When it comes to traveling, we look for so many things: The location, prices and the attractions to visit and so on. Travelling has become a sort of escape for people now, and when we think of a break from the boring routine then we imagine ourselves amidst a place away from the race of the world; a place where we can feel free and enjoy ourselves and dance the stress away. What more place better than Goa comes to the mind when thinking of a vacay?

The coastal state that lies in the Konkan coast and is the heaven on the earth, and it is desired by many tourists. In Incredible Goa, we have compiled the top five things that would make you fall in love with this place. 

1. The Beaches

Palolem Beach Source

There is no need for an introduction to the beaches in Goa. The first thing to pop up in the head about Goa is its pristine beaches. Goa is home to many beaches and people flock here to enjoy the sunsets and booze.  Who wouldn’t love a night on a beach with some good food, drinks, and music? According to Global Gallivanting, Goa has over 300 km of tropical coastline and all the beaches have their own special charm and character which means you will never get bored. From the empty, white sands of the beaches in the South to the action-packed beaches in Calangute or hippy Arambol, mellow Morjim, colourful Palolem or secluded Cola Beach – there’s a beach to suit everyone in Goa! 

2. The Culture

Goa Cultural Festival Carnival (source)

The unique culture of this state is what sets it apart from the rest of the country. The noticeable Portuguese influence in the culture attracts foreigners to this state as they feel it close to home. The Indo-Portuguese culture that is like the best of both worlds gives a new flavor to the state. The influence of the Hippie movement has succeeded in getting more foreigners to the state. These foreigners often fall in love with the laid-back and chilled vibes of this state and have made Goa their second home.  Goa has a significant western influence and the people of the state are fun and ever-welcoming which is sure to make your experience in this state memorable.

3. Shopping

Shopping in Goa is a real fun filled (Source)

The vibrant markets of Goa are sure to make you spend money. This state is home to some of the best markets in the country. Bargains and discounts are things here. One can get anything and everything in these markets. The local markets are vibrant and colorful with spices and vegetables to clothes and accessories, to choose from. The most famous market that is a must-visit on your trip here are the flea markets of Anjuna. According to Treebo, Anjuna hosts one of the best shopping destinations in Goa. Here you can pick up everything from clothes and home décor to a range of Indian spices and even musical instruments. Apart from these, the Hippies of Goa put up flea markets on various beaches. These markets are put up next to the beach and the nights are filled with fun and music.

4. The Attractions

St. Agustine’s Tower, the place you must visit (Source)

Apart from the serene beaches, this tiny state has an abundance of attractions to visit. The forts, churches, mansions, waterfalls, and wildlife: the list goes on. The state has everything to fulfill the tastes of every traveler. The options to explore are endless and this state offers many attractions. The forts and the churches of Goa speak of the glory and grandeur of Portuguese influence. Old Goa has some of the best monuments that are under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The waterfalls of Goa are heavenly and the most recommended is the Dudh Sagar Waterfalls. The wildlife and spice plantations are something to explore if looking for something close to nature.

5. The Cuisine

The Goan Cuisine (Source)

One thing that comes to anyone’s mind about Goan food is the Sea-food. The amazing fish curry and rice that is the staple food of the people is one of a kind. According to Tour My India, The Goan food is all about royal sea flavors that too with local culinary secrets. The cuisine of Goa is perfect to uplift your mood in a second. The cuisine embodies some Portuguese influence to it. The spices and the coconut used in the dishes are appetizing and are sure to leave your taste-buds more than just satisfied. The feni, which is a famous drink of Goa, is must-try on your trip. 

The things to explore here are still endless. The state is blessed with numerous resources. Tell us what you enjoyed the most about Goa. And what comes under your list that made you fall in love with this state. 

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