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Nandini Raikar – Canvassing a Self-Made Fine Artist

Art is a mode of expression by an artist. It is a way of communicating using only brush strokes and colours. Not everyone possesses
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Art is a mode of expression by an artist. It is a way of communicating using only brush strokes and colours. Not everyone possesses the skills, the emotions, to connect with your inner-self and to be able to brush the most vibrant coloured yet deep stories on the canvas. Nandini Raikar, a gifted artist, has a remarkable talent to express the deepest of human emotions and it’s connected with nature on the canvas. Her style of work is quite extraordinary and noteworthy. Her strokes of colours are quite vivid that express a deep connect of humans with nature. In May, Achies Art Gallery displayed her masterpieces at a solo exhibition that gained a lot of appreciation and recognition.

Nandini shared her transformational journey from a simple homemaker to the most recognised fine artist in Goa.

Nandini was inclined towards arts since childhood and was always get inspired by nature. Born and brought up in a beautiful town surrounded by tall palm trees, rice paddy fields and the ocean. Who would not get inspired when surrounded by such a serene and captivating landscape?

She used to play around with a combination of colours and sketch things that would inspire her. Seeing her talent, her parents encouraged her to participate in art competitions. Although she had been a commerce student, her inclination was always into fine arts. Her family and friends admired her work and encouraged her to take it further. At that time she has no access to any institution, nor did she had any mentor to guide her in the right direction. It was her talent and will to pursue the passion that made her take her skill to the next level.

Waking up to her passion

Since Nandini had no option of receiving formal education in fine arts, she kept working on polishing her skills and experimented with various styles. Post her marriage she got the opportunity to participate in a national level art contest in 2007, where she won the first prize and award of excellence for her work. Nandini shared with profound happiness, “This win was a turning point in my life. It changed everything for me – my confidence; my family and friends perception about my work; and how I can now take my work to a professional level.” From here on Nandini started her journey to train herself in fine arts. She connected with arts fraternity and took up training under well-known Goan artists, Wilson D’Souza. She says, Wilson D’souza was like a mentor to me and helped me learn and improve my skills. I was able to further develop my style in creative paintings under the guidance of Sadguru Chedvankar.”

Nandini’s journey into the world of colours, ideas and imaginations is not different. Her transformation from a hobbyist to a professional artist was a gradual process. After being discovered and recognised by known and fellow artists, was one her real development started. The acceptance and encouragement from such an elite group of artist made her commit entirely to this field.

It is quite commendable for someone like her to rise as a fine art connoisseur without having any prior education. She would learn and then experiment with different styles and colours. She attends art exhibits at various places to understand and get inspired. She confesses, “Had it not been for my mentors and other works of great artists, and I would not have been what I am today.”

From Passion to Profession

The beauty of nature around her arouses her to create stories from a combination of colours, and strokes of her pencils and brushes, on the canvas. Her studio at home is a temple where she mediates and stimulates her mind with her visions and dreams. And the inspiration is the same as the spiritual and physical satisfaction that one receives from the exhibit of any work of art. “Some moments drive us to think whether or not our hard work would receive a reward of labour, but I must admit that it is only when the fellow artists recognise our work, that an artist gets true joy,” she adds.

Connections of Heart

Achies Art Gallery with support from Swetlana Cardoso, an art curator of Indian, modern and contemporary art, showcased Nandini’s art pieces at an exhibit held from April 12 to 30th May 2018. Nandini’s art show is the first in a series of such art events at this gallery. The theme of this exhibit was ‘Tree series’ consisting of drawings and paintings that encapsulates nature. She says, “For me, trees are like human beings, with feelings and emotions. Full of vibrations, they breathe and speak of life.” Nandini used the platform to share her inspiring stories from nature. “I am trying to convey messages that we humans have a strong connection with nature. Everything around us teaches us something about humanity and our relation with nature, which I like to express on the canvas. It helps me be more creative and brings peace and joy,” she adds. The Banyan tree highly motivates Nandini. She shares, “Its brilliant spread of roots in the ground and branches above is a site to watch. Just the enormity of this nature’s gift teaches us a deep philosophical lesson. The entangled roots and branches symbolise strength and unity. It continuously shoots out new roots from everywhere. These roots are inspirations for us to grow in life but still be connected to our origin and our family values,” she states. In some of her paintings, a serene woman is entangled with family attachments, entwined with duties and responsibilities, but she still keeps hope in her passion and seeks to grow even more creative. The beauty of this relationship between nature and humans, especially women, comprehends a universe of emotions and thoughts.

Nandini’s creativity and way of expressing a deep bond between Mother Nature and humanistic society, talk’s volumes about her potential as an artist. The depth in her stories on the canvas makes her stand apart from rest of the fellow artists. She adds, “Now that I’m blessed with this knowledge and talent, I feel privileged and honoured to be in this sacred field of art.” Being from a non-art background and no formal training previously, Nandini has achieved a remarkable position in Goa’s art fraternity. She has even been called by some high-society individuals of Goa to do a painting exclusively for their beautiful Portuguese houses.

Triumphant Nature

Nandini beholds a gift that she wishes to excel in and take to a national and maybe international level. She’s a regular at most of the art exhibits not only in Goa but across the state of Maharashtra. An artist of her calibre deserves to be recognised and applauded for her self-made victory in her field.

We, at Incredible Goa, wish her the very best for her future endeavours.


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