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Mumbai based relative of Calangute Panchayat member enters Goa skips COVID Test and Attends wedding only to turn out positive.

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Lady enter Goa skips test found positive
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A Mother-In-Law of Calangute Panchyat Member who travelled from Mumbai to Goa to attend a wedding in Calangute turned out to be COVID-19 positive. According to the reports, The woman had allegedly come to attend the wedding of a relative that was held on May 31 and somehow she managed to skip the Covid-19 test at the border due to the human error. 

Making use of power sometimes become very costly as it happened in this case. All the 400 guests who had allegedly attended the wedding event at the Calangute panchayat Member’s house now comes under the preview of community transmission.   

A Women, who came down to Goa from all the way from Mumbai and somehow she managed to skip the COVID test at the border. Things do not stop here, she went to attend the wedding and later she was tested positive for Coronavirus infection.

Calangute is one of the major tourist hubs in the state of Goa that is visited by the millions of tourists every year but due to the COVID crises, there is no much movement but yet the Panchayat Member managed to host the wedding party with around 400 attendees.

According to the report published in the TOI, the lady was taken to the private clinic and subsequently to the GMC after she complained of breathlessness at the wedding party organised by the Local Panchayat Member at the panchayat member’s residence, next to the residence of a prominent nightclub owner with around 400 guests.

Meanwhile, the chief minister of Goa Dr Pramod Sawant admitted the lapses in the screening at the border calling it a Human Error. Yes it is true that the woman had skipped the screening test, but after she was found positive, she has been admitted to the Covid hospital,” he said.

The local residents of Calangute area have said that women come down from the Mumbai to attend the wedding Function in Calangute organised at the resident of the Calangute Panchayat Member with 400 guests. “The woman complained of breathlessness, she was taken to a private hospital, which referred her to Goa Medical College, where her results for Covid test came positive,” states the sources.   

Sawant said he would inquire into how the woman skipped the test. “It is very difficult to know how she skipped. Around 3,000 people come in every day, so it is difficult to know about one person. There may have been a human error,” he said.   

As per the protocol followed by the state government, domestic travellers coming into Goa have to either submit a certificate taken within 48 hours from an ICMR-approved lab that the person is Covid-19 negative or undergo Covid test at a government facility by paying Rs 2,000.

Now that mater has come into the light that lady manage to skip the covid test at the border and attended the wedding at the residence of panchayat member everyone is trying to skip the media and giving the different statements.

According to the Calangute Sarpanch Francis Rodrigues had denied the fact saying that he and other penchant members were not present for the wedding. “The wedding was on May 31. The panchayat member’s mother-in-law came on June 2. She’s a heart patient and because she fell sick, she was admitted to a private hospital. After testing positive, she has been shifted to the GMC, Bambolim,” Rodrigues said.

Micheal Lobo, the Calangute MLA and the Ports minister said that he was in south Goa on the day wedding function took place and hence he is not aware of anything such happened but he assured that only 50 to 80 people were there for the event. “I was in South Goa on that day,” he said. “From what I know, it was a small wedding with 50-80 guests.”

Meanwhile, CM Pramod Sawant has confirmed that all the close contracts of the women have been tested for the covid-19 and that he had asked the others who had attended the wedding to come forward and do the Covid test. “We have started active contact tracing of the woman,” said health secretary Nila Mohanan. 

“The panchayat member has been isolated and tested for Covid-19 along with all his close family members,” ports minister and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo told TOI adding that “All the panchayat members are self-isolating till the reports come in. As a precautionary measure, the Calangute panchayat office will only admit one person at a time till things clear up.”

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