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Goa Is Getting Ready For Adventure Tourism This Season; Sky Diving, Heli-Tourism on Cards

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Goa Is Getting Ready For Adventure Tourism
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This year’s tourism season, many believe, will be a critical one for the industry to make it through, and to ensure it does, the government has been easing up restrictions to make several tourist destinations open for attractions. 

Now, in what is set to be perceived as a major boost to Goa’s tourism image, the state government is in the process to decide the setting up of three adventure tourism projects in the state. If successfully done, Goa will surely see a touristic image uplift in the years to come. 

The three tourism-related adventure projects include – sky diving, motorized paragliding and Heli-Tourism. These three adventure tourist projects will aim to mark Goa on the adventure tourist destination platform around the world. 

The sky diving adventure project is set to come up in Quitol area of Quepem in South Goa. The other two – motorized paragliding and Heli-tourism – have not been finalized locations yet. 

“The three projects comprise of sky diving at Quitol, motorized paragliding, and Heli-tourism. The Goa Tourism Development Corporation team will make a presentation on these projects,” an official said. 

Also, this month, a new tourism policy was passed, and emphasis was laid on promoting Goa beyond just its beaches. Eco-tourism, hinterland tourism, and adventure and cultural tourism activities were also highlighted to be included in Goa’s future roadmap for tourism.

The three adventure projects listed will be taken up by the public-private partnership (PPP) cell of the state government. Further discussions on these projects will be held next week, on November 6. 

These three projects have been in the pipeline for a long time, and after many delays, the PPP cell has been tasked as a hand-holding agency to complete and put these projects in place. 

According to a report, quoting a Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) official, the tendering process for these projects were delayed as many permissions for the adventure activities are still pending. 

After next week’s meeting, the PPP cell will decide on a deadline and will also be as a guide for the department to go ahead with all the permission process to get these projects kick-started.  

Over the years, multiple talks and discussions were held with various stakeholders on the manner in which Goa’s tourism industry should work towards promoting Goa’s tourism image. In this, multiple initiatives such as rope-way, helipad tourism, sea-planes, amphibian vehicles, and many more were discussed. However, none of these plans really materialized on the ground for Goa. 

In fact, hot-air balloon rides had commenced in parts of South Goa, but it only lasted for a little while and was stopped later for multiple reasons.  

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