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Local Bus Drivers Obstructs the Students from Entering Bus Due to Half Ticket

This is not the new story in Goa and its been happening for the ages, but no action has been taken against the Bus
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This is not the new story in Goa and its been happening for the ages, but no action has been taken against the Bus Operators involved in these malpractices. The villages in Goa are more affected by this. Here we are exposing one case that was posted on the Facebook Group by Youth of Goa but there are many cases that do not get exposed. After reading this article, if you come across any such situation, please do bring it to our notice and we will post the same on our social media wall.     

Buses in Goa are is the only mode of transpose for many residents living in the villages especially students. These students travel by paying half the fare on producing a valid ID card from their respective educational institutions.

Off late many students have been voicing out that they are not allowed to board buses by the conductors or drivers especially late in the evening, in certain areas.

A Facebook post by one student was doing the rounds, wherein it said that a bus, with registration number as GA01 T 7254, would often stop students from boarding the bus. This bus would ply on the Panaji and Ponda route ad would often refuse to allow students to board.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Dr. Ketan Bhatikar, General Secretary of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists, decided to take matters in his own hands.

He met the driver and conductor of the bus and questioned them about the issue.

He told the bus driver that there have been complaints about the bus and the issue had become viral on social media. He further said that students are very important to the state and the future of the country. He requested the conductor and driver to support the students and see to their comfort.

He even said he respects the conductor and driver given that they are elderly people and was very polite in putting across his request.

The driver and conductor when confronted said that the main conductor was on leave due to which the issue cropped up.

Dr. Ketan has further requested the conductor to inform any new conductors who will be taking charge in the future, not to harass students and if the case was repeated he would be forced to travel with the students.

Dr. Ketan thanked the bus driver and conductor for understanding the situation.

In this day and age, when we hear about so many incidents of people only looking out for themselves, Dr. Ketan shines as a beacon of hope, especially for the youngsters.

We need more such people in our country as well as state which will help in making Goa a better place to live in.

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