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6 Safety Mantras To Reduce The Risk of COVID Infection

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Safety Mantras To Reduce The Risk of COVID Infection
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Most of us know that COVID here to stay for a long time and even the release of Vaccines will not eliminate the risk of getting the infection till every person is given the doses of the same. If you watched PM Narendra Modi’s address, you’ll know that even Mr. Modi needs us to hold on; push through this just a little bit more; be hopeful until a miracle vaccine comes through. 

So what do we do to remain safe from the infection? Here are the 6 mantras to reduce your infection risk:

Always Wear The Mask

At this point, this should be ingrained in your brain. Wear a mask every time you step out of your home. Let’s be honest here, the situation isn’t the same as it was 7 months ago. Staying at home is not a privilege we can afford anymore. So the least we can do while going out is to keep ourselves protected. Wearing a mask is quite literally the easiest thing you can do.

Carry A Sanitiser Bottle Along and use it frequently

Add a sanitizer to your purse, pocket, or whatever essentials you carry when you leave the house. Invest in a good alcohol-based sanitizer and keep it close to you at all times. Apple the sanitizer or wash hands before and after you touch anything from the outside. Since the WHO has confirmed that the Covid virus remains on the body surface for more long time. 

Take The Symptoms and Treatment Seriously

If you’re showing any symptoms of COVID get yourself tested ASAP! Follow through on the prescribed treatments and stay in quarantine! You’re risking yourself and your loved ones if you don’t. Take special care with children, senior citizens and people with immunity diseases.

Follow The Rules

The lockdown restrictions are in place for a reason. Yes, we’re all getting antsy at home, but that is no reason to put yourself in jeopardy. If your locality has restrictions, make sure you follow them. If the transport facilities are functioning at minimum capacity, work your schedule around it. Remember that though slowly, the restrictions are being lifted.

Avoid The Risk of Reinfection

Reinfection is the reality now and there are many cases coming up of reinfections, recently in Goa two doctors had been reinfected with the virus despite of their earlier recovery.  So if you have been infected remember that you are not immune by any means! And unlike President Donald Trump, do not go around saying you are immune and threaten to kiss people. Remember that this is not a common cold that will go away, millions of people have died due to COVID.

Antibodies Can Last Only So Long

Antibodies are specialized, Y-shaped proteins that bind like a lock-and-key to the body’s foreign invaders — whether they are viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. They are the “search” battalion of the immune system’s search-and-destroy system, tasked with finding an enemy and marking it for destruction.

After months of studies, it is now a scientific fact that antibodies, which are often artificially put into the body in case of COVID, do not last in the body forever. They will stay in the body just long enough for the symptoms to weaken.

So there you go, some gentle reminders to protect yourself while you’re out. Stay safe

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